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6" Purple Glitter Ball Ornament

SKU: CX413-27

Shatterproof, Designer Quality Balls

This ornament will add the perfect pop of color and sparkle to your tree, wreath or garland during Halloween, Christmas and many other holidays throughout the year. A perfect match next to a witch's hat, black cat, or cauldron holding a potion! Whatever spook you choose!

Let it give that purple pop of pizzazz to your Christmas decor, too! And bring it back to life when Easter comes around.  A great transition piece!

  • Their durability is perfect in households with children and pets-no matter how many times they fall, they do not break.
  • With the epoxy glue-cap you won’t have to worry about the tops coming off during packing and misplacing pieces.
  • They are pre-wired for fast installation-ready to be wrapped in your greenery as soon as you get them home! Time saving amenities for a quality product that will last for many seasons to come! 
  • With these you already have one of Miss Cayce’s 3 key ingredients-ribbons, balls and florals.
  • TIP: We suggest buying in 3's, 5's, or 9's. 
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: Purple
  • Dimensions: 6”
  • **Also available in 4" and 8".
  • Item Number: 57751