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Royal Blue Iced Needle Spray

SKU: 128634

Sequined Floral Spray

Sometimes nature gives us the best inspiration for decor! This ice inspired needle spray takes on that blue tone with the glistening sparkle that an iced branch in the sun can bring! This can help create a dramatic effect as the individual clusters project out from your greenery. Blue is a great compliment to other shiny metallic shades and your traditional red and green.

  • Pair with our other seasonal products for your DIY Christmas decor creations.
  • Add to any wreath or teardrop to be used as door decor.
  • Include in the garland that dresses your fireplace or doorframe.
  • Easily incorporate into a centerpiece, tablescape, or floral arrangement.
  • With this you have one of Miss Cayce’s 3 key ingredients-ribbons, balls & florals. 
  • Materials:  Glitter
  • Colors:  Blue
  • Dimensions:  32" 
  • Item Number:  97853

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