Reversible Wood Framed Sign "October/Leaves…"

SKU: 50253

Turn your home and office into a haunted atmosphere with Adams and Co’s reversible wooden-framed sign (Product Number 50253) Halloween decor! This spooky sign displays a message of “October, Moon Lit Of Silver And Gold You Dance In The Sky As The Leaves Try To Hold With A Brush Of The Wind, A Chill Fills The Air, A Thrilling Reminder, Halloween Is Near” on one side and "Come Little Leaves Said The Wind One Day, Come Over the Meadows with Me and Play, Put On your Dresses of Red and Gold, For Summer is gone and the Days Grow Cold" on the other side, making it perfect for the holiday season. It has dimensions of 24” X 32” X 1.5” and uses white, black, grey, and orange color combination to complement the creepy and cute design. From unique seasonal decorations to exquisite traditional ornaments, Adams & Co have everything you need to add life to your home or office.

  • Materials: Wood
  • Deminsions: 24x32x1.5
  • Colors: Black, Orange, Yellow, Grey and White
  • Item #: 84775