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Pink & Green Candy Cane Satin Glitter Ribbon, 4" x 10yd.

SKU: ds15-7600

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Accent Ribbon

Like a candy cane swirl . . . but better! Pink and glitter make everything just a little more fun. The combination of lime green, red, and pink will bring a playfulness to your Christmas decor. So many ways to pair this ribbon from fancy to fun and anything in between! Best yet, is the coloring can be seen from each side so any way the ribbon lays you are getting the full look!

  • The wired edges allow for easy forming to tie bows or weave into your greenery.
  • Incorporate into your home design via a centerpiece or tablescape.
  • Enhance your gift wrapping by using this to add a fabulous embellishment.
  • Pair with our designer quality ribbons to layer different textures & styles for a unique look. 
  • With this you will have one of Miss Cayce’s 3 key DIY ingredients-ribbons, balls & florals.  
  • Materials: Poly blend
  • Color:  Red, green, white, and pink
  • Dimensions:  4" x 10yd.
  • Item Number:  98279

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