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Peppermint Striped Ornament

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Hanging Decor

Larger than life candies that only get bigger and bigger! Take your pick and what size you would like to decorate with or create your very own life-size candy land! This would pair perfectly with some of our other gingerbread and sweet treat inspired decor!

  • Perfect size to be used as a focal point in any of your DIY wreaths or teardrops.
  • Hang with a beautiful wired ribbon bow all on its own.
  • Can also easily be placed within your table decor, in a dough bowl, or on a tiered tray.
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Colors:  Red and white
  • Dimensions:  4.5", 7.5", 13", and 18.5"
  • Item Number: 

Visit our DIY section to see what you can add to this piece to bring your whole look to life! Be sure to follow us on social media for some effortless ‘how to’ inspiration!