Regal Black and White Ball Ornaments

0.1 lb
SKU: 25-87520-BWD

Add a big impact to your Christmas Decorating.  An assortment of Black and White patterned ornaments adds a fun and whimsical touch to your Christmas Decor.

Following the Miss Cayce's tree trimming guide, we suggest buying in 3s, 5s or 9s. If you do both patterns, get 3 of each for a regular sized tree or garland.  To see more details, follow the link to our "How To" booklet at the bottom of our site.

Cayce Christmas Collection is a mix of green, red, lime green and a pop of black and white. 

Black and White Diamond, Black and white Stripe

Available in 2 Styles: Diamond and Stripe 

  • Dimensions: 9.5"
  • Color: Black, white, gold
  • materials: paper mache