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Gingerbread Magic Teardrop

SKU: TC-209-21

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Miss Cayce's Creations Door Décor

The glittered gingerbread man is equipped with his lollipop wand to create some Christmas magic! He has turned this ordinary teardrop into something magnificent! Overflowing with sweets, curlys, florals and glitter galore to adorn your front door!

Set the tone for your home by giving your front door the ability to make a great first impression! Pair it with great outdoor pillows, a rug, and some pot stakes to get your porch party started!

  • Materials:  Greenery, florals, and ribbon
  • Dimensions:  Base of teardrop is approximately 32". Expect a slight variation in length for sprays that project from the teardrop.
  • Colors:  Pink, red, green, brown and white
  • Item Number:  103884

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