Frizzy Curly Pick

0.2 lb
SKU: 82510BKWT

High Quality Floral Pick

Really dress up your DIY decor year round with these Frizzy Curly Picks. Each pick has 5 swirls that you can bend and shape any which way you want!  From birthday decorations, to Easter, Halloween to Christmas-there is a color and use for these all year round!

Place in any floral arrangement, wreath, garland or teardrop. Add it to an outside pot on your front porch or create a great centerpiece!  Available in multiple colors so your possibilities are endless!

Get the Miss Cayce's Look to celebrate the holidays in your home with our key ingredients to dress up your greenery: ribbon, florals, and ornamental balls.

  • Materials:  Glitter, wire
  • Colors:  Black and white, blue, emerald green, lime green, navy blue, red, or red and white, pink and silver
  • Dimensions:  H16"
  • Item Number:  78057, 78058, 78060, 78062, 78063, 78064, 78066, 78059