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Flocked Cat Figurine

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Halloween Figurine

The black cat may be a staple of Halloween but so are colors like lime green, orange, bright pink, and a splash of purple. So let's combine the two! Available in all five colors-choose which ones will match your decor the best! Surprise your guests with a non-traditional and unique take on some of the Halloween classics!

  • Pair with our other seasonal products for your DIY Halloween decor creations.
  • Place on top of a tiered tray, within a dough bowl, or as table top decor.
  • Use as an amazing addition to your fireplace mantel or within a centerpiece.
  • Materials:  Flocked
  • Colors:  Black, pink, purple, orange, and green
  • Dimensions:  8"
  • Item Number:  99387, 99388, 99389, 99390, and 99391

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