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Donut Sprinkle Spray


Novelty Spray

You DONUT want to have a Gingerbread themed Christmas decoration without this Floral Spray!!  These sprinkled donuts help bring out all of the sweet pastel colors that can so nicely pair with classic red and green at Christmas. The glittery finish gives the perfect gloss, like freshly glazed donuts and the soft velvetty fabric on the underside makes this irresistable!

  • Pair with our other seasonal products for your DIY Christmas decor creations.
  • Add to your Christmas tree or a wreath or teardrop to be used as door decor.
  • Include in the garland that dresses your fireplace or door frame.
  • Easily incorporate into your centerpiece, tablescape, or floral arrangement.
  • With this you have one of Miss Cayce’s 3 key ingredients-ribbons, balls & florals. 
  • Materials:  Foam, Glitter, velvet
  • Colors:  Multi-colored
  • Dimensions:  H24"
  • Item Number:  88349