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Carrots on Lime Green Ribbon

SKU: RGA158109

Accent Ribbon

Tease the Easter bunny with carrots hidden in your decor! Pops of bright orange pop off of the soft green background and create a fun and playful look for your Easter decor. 

This accent ribbon is perfect to pair with one of our designer quality ribbons to create a layering effect through different textures and style. The wiring allows for easy forming to tie bows and add to an Easter basket, weave into a teardrop, garland, wreath or centerpiece. You can also use it to create an embellishment for a gift, tiered tray or lantern. Your possibilities are endless-you be the designer!

With this you will already have one of Miss Cayce’s 3 key ingredients-ribbons, balls and florals.   

  • Materials:  Polyester
  • Color:  Green and orange
  • Dimensions:  1.5" x 10yd.
  • Item Number:    95036