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Black & White Stripe Beaded Ball

SKU: 271845

Versatile Decorative Ball

We strongly believe that black and white can be added to any holiday or season. Use this black and white striped beaded ball twisted in a wreath or garland, hung on your Christmas tree, or placed with an assortment of other decorative balls in a glass jar or bowl. 

  • Perfect to hang in a tree, wreath or teardrop!
  • Place on a tiered tray, in a dough bowl, or vase-so many options!
  • Get the Miss Cayce’s look to celebrate the holidays by adding this to their 3 key DIY ingredients-ribbons, balls & florals.  
  • Materials:  Foam, beads
  • Colors:  Black and white
  • Dimensions:  4.5"
  • Item Number:  0886505718455