Black and White Shiny Glitter Drums

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Black and White Shiny Glitter Drums

A sleek and stylish Nutcracker drum in black, gold and white is the perfect addition to your Nutcracker themed Christmas decor.  Adding a shimmer and shine with the glittered black and white and shine from the gold top. This is hollow on the bottom and can be flipped upside down to be filled with candy, synthetic florals or whatever you choose.

These are available in small, medium or large-if you have all three they look beautiful stacked on top of eachother. Perfect for your table or fireplace mantel decor.

See this featured in our Nutcracker Christmas look.

  • Materials:  Plastic
  • Colors: Black, white and gold
  • Dimensions:  Small 6.5", Medium 8.25", Large 11"
  • Item Number:  91428, 91429, 91430