24" Jaw Breaker Candy Spray

0.2 lb
SKU: MTX62187

High Quality Christmas Floral Spray

This Jaw Breaker Candy Spray will do anything but break. We think it will actual fix up your Gingerbread themed Christmas decor by adding pops of pink, orange, red and green and a shine with its glitter finish. The wired branches allow you to spread this all throughout your greenery to really fill it in.

Place in any wreath or teardrop to be used as door decor. You can use this in your garland that dresses your fireplace or staircase. Add it to any floral arrangement in pots on your front porch, in vases inside or incorporate into a centerpiece. You can even have it peeking out of your tree!

Get the Miss Cayce's Look to celebrate the holidays in your home with our key ingredients to dress up your greenery: ribbon, florals, and ornamental balls.

  • Materials:  Plastic
  • Colors:  Multi-colored
  • Dimensions:  24"
  • Item Number:  87010