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The Round Top Collection

The Round Top Collection is a versatile brand made up of a variety of bases or displays that have different components that can be transitioned out from season-to-season. These pieces are all made of that unique metal to withstand the test of time and nature’s elements when placed outdoors!

 Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

 Step 1: Pick from any of our base pieces
(Finial bases, Display Bases or Home Boards).

Step 2: Choose from the transitional components
(Charms, Mini Gallery Art, Finials or Magnets)
that fit onto these base pieces to create a look
for every season.

Enjoy any of the convertible signs that can
be used on top of a pot stake in your garden, place within table décor or even hung in a wreath or teardrop as a focal point.

Enjoy their other pieces that bring the whole look together
to include their Gallery Wall Art or pot stakes. 


This collection was created in the small village of Round Top, TX by John Krause. He famously formed an old rusted barrel hoop into heart shapes that were popularly sold at the town square antique and folk-art festivals. The idea of using this unique medium of metal in the gift industry caught on quickly and has grown into what we now know and have loved for the last 30 years.