Lemon Garden Wreath

2.1 lb
SKU: LB030421-317

Miss Cayce's Creations Door Decor

Did you know lemons symbolize light, love, heart and soul and also help attract good fortune?! Put that stamp on your front door and enjoy all of the good that can come from your beautiful decor!

This wreath is overflowing with greenery and sparkling palm leaves that hold those precious pops of yellow sunshine! Some of our most unique ribbons are used to create a bow from a translucent green, lemon pattern and a pop of black and white.

Welcome your guests and treat all those that drive by with a burst of joy as they see your front door!

  • Materials: Ribbon, greenery and florals
  • Color:  Green, yellow, black and white
  • Dimensions:  27"
  • Item Number:  96808