Desert Beauty Teardrop

7.0 lb
SKU: RC-221-21

Miss Cayce's Creation Door Decor

This teardrop displays all of the beauty that the desert can bring. Large green succulents, peach desert roses, hardy green leaves and splashes of yellow sunflowers. There's even two tumbleweed like ornaments tucked within the landscape! Embellished with a demin blue, burlap and sweet plaid bow to bring that western feel together!

Whether you live in the dessert or now, appreciating its beauty has never looked so good!

  • Materials:  Greenery, florals and ribbon
  • Dimensions:  Approximately  45“-Expect a slight variation in length for sprays that project from teardrop.
  • Colors:  Green, blue, yellow, peach and brown.
  • Item Number: 96980
  • ***Like the dessert, this teardrop is quite large and weighs approximately 7lbs. Extra reinforcements may be needed when hanging.***