Donut Spray x 3

0.2 lb
SKU: 62875BT

Premum Floral Spray

You donut want to decorate without these fun sweets this year!  Three perfetly round pink donuts with a multi-colored swirl embellishment bring dimension and a lifelike appearnce to this spray. Perfect for Easter, a candyland or sweet treat themed party, a gingerbread Christmas or just a fun and playful way to bring in bright colors for spring and summer!

Add this to any wreath or teardrop as door decor, a garland that dresses your fireplace mantel or frames your doorway, into a centerpiece, tablescape or floral arrangement.

Its premium construction and materials allows for you to pack away and use for years to come! Your guests will look forward to seeing your staple pieces year after year.

Get the full Miss Cayce's look to celebrate any holiday in your home with our three key ingredients to dress up your greenery: ribbon, florals, and ornamental balls.

  • Materials:  Foam
  • Dimensions:  28"
  • Colors:  Pink, blue and yellow
  • Item Number:  93044