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Sprinkle Doughnut Ornament-Blue

SKU: 35-03810BLU

Mark Roberts Ornament

You DONUT want to skip out on sweets this holiday season! This may be a donut, but it is one of elegance and luxury! Wrapped with a silky smooth velvet bottom and sprinkled with sparkling multicolored sequins and glitter on top of its blue icing-you better believe your decor will look good enough to eat!

Hang this in your tree, wreath or teardrop to dress them up along with Miss Cayce's other three key ingredients:  ribbon, florals and ornamental balls.

Also a perfect fit to be placed on a tiered tray or within a dough bowl to create a fantastic centerpiece.

  • Materials:  Foam and velvet
  • Colors: Blue and brown
  • Dimensions: 5"
  • Item Number:  98684