Palm Beach Pineapple Indoor/Outdoor Pillow

0.5 lb
SKU: 85145091A

 Indoor/Outdoor Accent Pillow

Pamper your home with pineapples and peaceful colors to create a pleasant yet peppy look. Pineapples make us thing of all things fresh and sweet in the summer, mixed with the calming tones of blues, peaches and pinks it gives us the perfect bit of chill that summer serves.

Perfect to dress your sofa, loveseat, guest room or even as decor in a basket by your entry table.

With its quick drying and fade-resistant polyester this can safely be used outside on your porch or patio.

The poly filling allows for a plushness that creates a soft feel, yet has the durability to last for many seasons to come.

  • Materials:  Cotton
  • Dimensions:  18" x 18"
  • Colors:  Blue, pink, peach and white
  • Item Number:  94669