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Orange You Glad You're A Witch!

SKU: CR-221-21
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Miss Cayce's Creations Door Decor

Orange you glad you're a witch?! Well if I got to a dress in a stylish hat like that and be nestled in all of that Halloween goodness I sure would! This black wreath is full of unique ribbon of all kinds of patterns, glitter, and textures mixed in with our amazing tubing to give it that bouncy and fun look! Florals and ornaments fill in to hide this mysterious witch!

Set the tone for your home by giving your front door the ability to make a great first impression!

  • Materials:  Greenery, florals and ribbon
  • Dimensions:  Approximately 21" x 28“. Expect a slight variation in length for sprays that project from the wreath.
  • Colors: Orange, black, and white
  • Item Number:  100615