Cool Pineapple Teardrop

2.1 lb
SKU: RC-228-21

Miss Cayce's Creation Door Decor

Be like a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown, be sweet on the inside AND be cool and wear your shades! Celebrate sweet summertime with a party on your front porch as your guests arrive and neighbors walk by! This teardrop with flamingos, pineapples, tropical leaves and bright colors galore will do the trick!

Availble in two styles! Choose whether you want the pineapple on top or in the center!

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  • Materials:  Greenery, florals and ribbon
  • Dimensions:  Approximately 36“-Expect a slight variation in length for sprays that project from the teardrop.
  • Colors: Yellow, green, purple, pink and blue
  • Item Number:  97166, 97218