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Witch Plush Halloween Sitter by Johanna Parker

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Johanna Parker Halloween Figurine

The witch is in! She will be green with envy as she sits by watching your Halloween party! Displaying a vintage look and all of our favorite festive colors, she will fit in perfectly on a shelf, table, or mantel as her whimscial pom pom legs dangle below! A fun addition to your typical top-of-the-shelf figurine decor! Johanna Parker

  • Mix and match with some of our other Halloween products.
  • Use as an amazing addition to your fireplace mantel or within a centerpiece.
  • Materials:  Plush
  • Colors:  Black, orange, and yellow
  • Dimensions:  5.50" L x 2.50" W x 18.00" H
  • Item Number:  100063

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