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Do You Know the Gingerbread Man?

SKU: RC-456-21

Miss Cayce's Creations Door Decor

Do you know the gingerbread man?! Well you can and let him live on your front door! This plush gingerbread man is surrounded by lime green holly leaves and sweet pink treats to bring a soft pop of color to your Christmas decor!

Set the tone for your home by giving your front door the ability to make a great first impression! Pair it with great outdoor pillows, a rug, and some pot stakes to get your porch party started!

  • Materials:  Greenery, florals, and ribbon
  • Dimensions:  Approximately 40" x 19". Expect a slight variation in length for sprays that project from the teardrop.
  • Colors:  Red, white and lime green
  • Item Number:  102680

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