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Red and Black Velvet RicRac

SKU: RG2051A9
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Accent Ribbon

This ribbon made of red burlap and wire borders in black, is made extra special with a soft velvet center in the trimming of ricrac. This fun detail creates a playful layered look with contrasting textures. We love red and black in our Valentine's decor or even to match our lady bug products to create a fun spring or summer look!

This accent ribbon is perfect to pair with one of our designer quality ribbons to create contrast and dimension through different textures and style. The wiring allows for easy forming to tie bows, weave into a garland, wreath or centerpiece. This is also a great option for adding an embellishment to a gift or flower bouquet.

With this you will already have one of Miss Cayce’s 3 key ingredients-ribbons, balls and florals.   

  • Materials:  Burlap and velvet
  • Color:  Red and black
  • Dimensions:  1.5" x 10yd.
  • Item Number:   95015