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Black and White Harlequin Stem

SKU: 84828BKWT

Christmas Floral Stem

Who says flowers have to have all of the same colored petals? The magic of Christmas at Miss Cayce's says that they do not! 

This poinsettia flower is full of glitter on all of its petals that are a mix of white, black and a harlequin pattern. The black berries in the center are even glittered! If there ever was a flower made to fit the Cayce Christmas style this is it! Mix this with red, emerald and lime green to make a fabulous decoration!

  • Pair with our other fall products for your DIY Halloween decor creations.
  • Add to any wreath or teardrop to be used as door decor.
  • Include in the garland that dresses your fireplace or doorframe.
  • Easily incorporate into a centerpiece, tablescape, or floral arrangement.
  • With this you have one of Miss Cayce’s 3 key ingredients-ribbons, balls & florals. 
  • Materials:  Synthetic leaves, glitter, foam berries
  • Colors:  Black and White
  • Dimensions: H13"
  • Item Number:  88515

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