Red Ball Garland

5.0 lb
SKU: CX619-02

Want to create a beautiful garland for your home with just a few products? This red ball garland mixed in with a Faux Green Garland is all you need! Keep it simple, or add a few themed bows to spruce it up to decorate your staircase, mantel or doorway.

Adding in the ball garland is the best way to make your garland look decorated and full without having to wrap each ball in separately-easy peasy for your Christmas decor and even Valentine's Day and 4th of July!

These are perfect in households with clumsy family members, children and pets because no matter how many times they fall, they do not break. Their durability allows you to pack and unpack these season after season without finding broken pieces. 

  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color:  Red
  • Dimensions: 10'
  • Item Number: 68399