Miss Cayce's Christmas

Creating Egg-ceptional shelves with Show Me Decorating

Bookcases or shelves are the perfect place to decorate seasonally.

I chose 2 shelves for my Easter decorating and did not remove what was there but incorporated the decorative accessories into my display! I am short on storage space so I love this method.

Shelves decorated for everyday!

Now the Egg-ceptional transformation. I chose Easter items from all the goodies I had gathered for my piano top.

Bunnies, eggs and Easter grass under glass.

The bunny cake stand shows off this pair of white bunnies ready to deliver their eggs! Wonder if there will be any chocolate?

The bunny tray is the perfect backdrop to this collection of Easter bunnies!

The large silver tray proves to be a great backdrop for the collection of easter decorations. I love to mix textures and finishes because it creates and interesting display, needlepoint Rabbit pillows, a wooden bunny, and an Eddie Walker Happy Easter resin plaque. I tucked in the Easter grass and plastic eggs to complete the look.

Handpainted eggs, green pottery and ivy.

Emma’s picture adds the background for my hand painted eggs and sweet bunny that was in her dad’s 1st Easter Basket!

Finshed shelves
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Egg-tra Special Show Me Decorating!

Celebrate Easter! Who knew you could decorate with plastic eggs and Easter grass? The common plastic Easter egg is filled with candy, hidden, found and placed in a basket with Easter grass, however we
“Show You How” these inexpensive items can really add color to your Easter decorating!

This Egg-tra special display celebrates Easter!

Gathered Goodies

All the gathered goodies to choose from!

These rabbits and eggs are special and have been collected over many years. It takes me down memory lane thinking of my kids as they have grown up and now grandkids goodies are being added. The touch of silver comes from my collection of Author Court, the original Miss Cayce’s my grandmother, gave all the “girls” fun serving pieces, frames and accessories all in a bunny pattern, perfect to add to my Easter display! Now time to assemble our display. I started with Emma and Ethan helping to fill my candle jars with plastic eggs and Easter grass, you could also use clear vases or jars. These will become my main focal point and add height.

Look at all the eggs!

Ethans jar, layers of eggs, grass and a flower!

Emma’s jar!

The grandkids had a great time picking just the right color and size to fill their jars. We even found some small glitter eggs in bright colors at the Dollar Tree, and they filled in the nooks and crannies left by the bigger eggs. They are so proud of their creations! I enjoy including them in the decorating process and can even teach them their colors!

Ribbon adds the finishing touch!

The striped ribbon is not wired but I loved how it pulled all the colors together. I took a length of ribbon and tied around the jar.
I made my bow and used a twist tie (recycled) to hold it together. Lay bow on ribbon and tie a square to secure. Don’t know how to tie a bow? Learn how on the
Show Me Decorating App for iPhone’s & iPads
Get the App Here!

The taller jar has a bow too!

The short candle jar looks cute with a bunny in place of the candle and the taller jars shows off some of my favorite bunnies!

This Egg-tra special display celebrates Easter!

We love sharing our creative ideas that inspire you, educate you “how to” and then you are the Decorator!

Celebrate Easter!

Becky McCraney

Owners Kathy & Becky

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Egg-tra Quick with Show Me Decorating

For those of you with little time, try this Egg-tra Quick

Easter decorating project.

An everyday bowl transformed egg-tra special!

I love plastic eggs! They are colorful, available, cheap and sooo versatile!

I mixed in a few of my favorite eggs the kids had made with the plastic eggs and finished it off with a bow made of sheer pink ribbon embossed with flowers. The bow is tied to the handle.

This will be a great addition to our family Easter celebration on the buffet table!

Happy Decorating!

Becky McCraney

Owners Kathy & Becky

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“Life is so Delicious” with Show Me Decorating Step Three

Show Me Decorating’s Step by Step techniques apply to “Life is so Delicious” ladies event!

Step Three. Food Table Scapes.

No event is complete without food, and we will show you how to create a more inviting and interesting table scape with unusual containers, risers and fun! We coordinate our decorating with our theme of “Life is so Delicious”, black and white paisley and check then punch it up with bright colors from our napkins!

Paisley table cover (vinyl purchased at Hancock Fabric’s) is placed over a black floor length cloth. Serving pieces are gathered from our collection of black and white. Iron plant stands hold the black and white trays (Courtly Check from McKenzie Childs) and ceramic bowls, add height and interest to the table. The iron garden girl is dressed for the occasion with a tissue and cellophane apron accented with ribbon and wooden spoons.

The beginning of the appetizer table and serving pieces!

The colorful Gerber daisy topiaries were borrowed from a recent wedding and are made with styro foam balls, moss and silk Gerber daisies inserted onto a wooden dowel. The dowel is set into a florist bucket with plaster and then placed in a plastic garden pot with green moss filling in the base.

The appetizer table is ready for the goodies! Yum!

Now we can add the appetizers and our guesst and we are ready to enjoy!

Serve your self from these inviting and elevated serving bowls.

We even coordinated our aprons for the event

Southwestern cheesecake takes a starring role on this tablescape.

Basket is ready for corn muffins and bowls for salad!

We repeated the iron plant stands on our main serving table to hold the Ramen Salad and dressed up a plain basket with one of our bows. Learning the basics of bow tieing from our Show Me Decorating app is great for holiday and everyday occasions!

After dinner its time for coffee and dessert and we could quickly reset our table with black and white tiered dessert holders and trays.

Alta shows off the desert table!

Show Me Decorating is all about
showing you how to be the decorator.
1. Selecting a theme and color story (what inspires you or the occasion) 2. gathering your supplies to coordinate with your theme and color story, 3. organizing and executing your plan!
Happy Decorating!
Becky McCraney

Owners Kathy & Becky

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“Life is so Delicious” with Show Me Decorating Step Two

Show Me Decorating’s Step by Step techniques apply to “Life is so Delicious” ladies event!

Step Two. Putting it all together.

“Life is so Delicious”, especially when you know how to add pizzaz to your table decorations and invite friendly conversation over appetizers, dinner and dessert! Our theme and color story was based on the Keepers Cookbook cover that is black and white paisley and our bright-colored napkins. We used our vinyl squares (cut & purchased at Hancock Fabrics) in paisley and check, alternating on tables, topping white round cloths. Next we gathered our supplies of ribbon, pots, plants, paper placemats, tissue and cellophane and the assembly and decorating begin. I like to carry with me a tool and supply bag with scissors (extra for helpers), tape, wire, wire cutters, trash bag (for cleanup) and a bottle of water. Let’s start decorating!

The Black and White Paisley square topper, blue paper placemat & napkin

Blue paper placemats with our colorful napkin and clear silverware on Check

Now it is time for some centerpieces.

Being organized is key and setting up an assembly line will help speed up the process. Plants were purchased the day before the event to insure freshness, we chose some flowering and some herbs to match our cooking theme. Next tissue and cello were cut and placed on plants as we dropped them into the pots, you can secure with a rubber band if necessary. Yellow shred was added to top of plant for more color and to hide any ugly areas. Bows were tied ( see the step by step in our Show Me decorating app) and the wire was used to insert into the dirt to hold in place. Wooden spoons carried out our cooking theme and were inserted into dirt.

Plants, assorted ribbon, pots, tissue and cellophane are gathered

Colored pot, plant and 1/2 sheet of tissue and clear cellophane, ready to assemble

pot ready for yellow shred

black sheer ribbon bow

adding pizzaz to a plain black bow

Red sheer ribbon with all the pizzaz

White geraniums, black and white polka dot tissue and bow!

Sage smells appetizing and is ready for a cook to take home!

Friendly conversation around lively decorated tables.

Stay tuned for step three!

Life is so Delicious!

Becky McCraney

Co-Owners Kathy & Becky

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“Life is so Delicious” with Show Me Decorating Step One

Show Me Decorating’s Step by Step techniques apply to “Life is so Delicious” ladies event!

Step One. How to gather your materials.

Choose a location, select a theme or color story and get started!

For Example, We are having a Blume Ladies Event at Crestview where we attend church.

The theme for the event is Cooking, Entertaining and Fun!

Inspiration Theme (Book on the left) and color story (napkins on the right)

The cover from the Keepers Cookbook (on the left by the event speakers) was the inspiration for our main pattern and colors, and the napkins selected add the supporting color story. With these two in hand we begin collecting all our supporting items, table cloths, serving pieces, centerpieces etc…….

We will use white round table cloths with the black and white vinyl squares in assorted patterns. This vinyl is available from Hancock Fabrics and is great because it wipes off and is reusable! Serving pieces will be an assortment of black and white that we have been collecting. The centerpieces will be potted plants in assorted colors of pots that cost a $1 from Wal-Mart! Notice how they match the colors in the napkins! We will gather kitchen utensils to add to the centerpieces with Ribbon.

Collect Supporting Patterns, Gather Supplies!

Now that we have gathered all of our materials lets move on to the next step!

Step Two. Coming soon in the next blog as we decorate for this weekend…….

Stay Tuned for more this weekend!

Becky McCraney

Show Me Decorating Co-Owners Kathy & Becky

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Springtime! What does it mean to you?

Springtime, a fresh green, more like a yellow green beginning to emerge everywhere, even out here in dry West Texas! It causes me to think of a new year, cleaning out and organizing!

Mark and I tackled the new storage shed today. Mark is so thrilled! Everything that was laying around is off the floor and hanging up! He can see all his yard supplies and I can find all my gardening supplies, soooo no more buying the same item twice. One of the fringe benefits of being organized, you SAVE money.

Spring cleaning is different for a lot of people so hopefully Mark and I have inspired you to start before the weather gets to hot.

What does spring mean for you and your family?

Do you have any tips and tricks that could help us out?

(leave a comment!)

Good Luck!

Becky & Mark McCraney


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