Stay Summer Stylin' with Zenzii

Stay Summer Stylin' with Zenzii

Fun, colorful, lightweight and ready to make a statement. We have always loved Zenzii earrings, and what better way to share the love than to pass them on to y'all.

Zenzii earrings

Zenzii is more than just jewelry, its an attitude. It is made to empower women to embrace their personal style and to exude confidence and beauty. Zenzii is all about helping women to throw out the status quo and to embrace the spotlight. Its ultimate mission is to, "provide a unique selection of statement jewelry and accessories," that allows women to express themselves. 

Here at Miss Cayce's we are all about inspiring people to decorate, celebrate and create. We love brands like Zenzii because not only is the jewelry fun, unique and stylish, but it stands for inspiration, empowerment and beauty. Kathy and I own several pairs and colors ourselves, and along with several of our employees, we knew we had to have these earrings in the store. Beyond decorating and celebrating your home, you can decorate and celebrate your fashion. Have fun with it, add color and treat yourself to cute earrings like these. 

We strive to find the best and most unique products and brands to give our customers, and Zenzii is no exception. In honor of our favorite earrings, we have a Buy Two, Get One Free on our website. Use the code SUMMERTIME at checkout to join the party! Hurry because the offer ends today (June 21). 

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