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Decorate Once Celebrate Twice or Three times..Valentines, Birthdays, and more

Decorating can be so fun when it’s easy and especially rewarding when you benefit more than once! At Show Me Decorating, we go all out for Christmas and ok-Halloween, but I also love to add a touch of the other celebrations through out the year. It may just be my candle jars changed out with sea shells for summer or back to school supplies for the month of September. I do LOVE Valentines.( Maybe, it’s because I’m a mother of 4 boys but I always want to spread L-O-V-E instead of f-i-g-h-t-i-n-g, but that’s another story.) This year for Valentines,  I decorated my door,  my candle jars, and my new chandelier.

Valentine Decorating-Jennifer '13


To decorate, I tied new @ShowMeDecorating.com bows with our fabulous wired ribbon for my door, chandelier, and candle jars. Great way to re purpose from Christmas! I love my @LisaFrost door banner and my talented niece and Show Me Decorator, Katy,  created the cute complimentary Hearts that are a little bit funky. I always love to add color with flowers for my pots from @Lowes and change these out for the season. I filled my candle jars with @conversation hearts and @redhots from @Target where I also found the cute Heart cut out table runner.

So, when an opportunity arrived to have a party-I was ready!

Valentine Table set

There is nothing more fun than hosting a party for a friend’s birthday!  I was very blessed this week to host a surprise luncheon for my friend, Suzanne.  Ashley, Suzanne’s daughter,  a fabulous chef and party specialist created a yummy lunch and fabulous birthday decorations that complemented my Valentine’s decorations. She really out did herself! I had decorated my chandelier with #showmedecorating #bows and covered the table in a simple black cloth with a chevron table runner from @groopdealz. Ashley added a garland tied with black, white, and red patterned fabric, black cake stands, delicious food, and a customized Happy Birthday #Bling banner!

Valentine Bday Cake
Valentine saladValentine bday lunch

Valentine Chicks 1

Ashley really out did herself and her Mom loved it. Her menu was Spinach quiche, capris salad, a spinach salad with blackberries with a raspberry vingaigrette, @LaMadeline’s strawberries and creme, then a yummy Lemon creme cake. We all enjoyed each bite! We would love to see how you all are celebrating the seasons so share with us on #facebook, follow us on Pinterest, and check out showmedecorating.com If you like reading our blogs, please leave us a recommendation.


Happy Valentines,


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