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Show Me a Valentine Chandelier

Show Me A Valentine Chandelier…

How about adding a little LOVE to your chandelier? I did and I love it! I was blessed last year to redo our kitchen and when I did I knew I wanted a light fixture that I could decorate for the holidays!


Valentine decorating, Valentine chandelier

Valentine Chandelier

Just a few steps

1. Gather your ingredients-I used 2 decorative garlands, #ShowMeDecorating bows, and a focal point. Learn to tie a bow at http://www.bowapp.showmedecorating.com

2. I wound the decorative red pom pom garland up the chandelier and the heart garland around the candle lights, then added my black and white check balls(I love to use these for Halloween, Christmas and Valentines).

3. Show Me Bows are a perky touch of color for this house of boys! I love to mix ribbon together but for something different I alternated plaid bows and solid red bows.

4. I added a glittered(every celebration needs a touch of glitter) Heart as a focal point. I  hung it high enough to not interfere with family dinner discussions which are quite lively in our house-did I mention that I have 4 boys?

Then I added a cut out Valentine runner(from @Target) and my @Coton Colors Happy Everything plate with #Valentine attachment.

Happy Valentines and spread some LOVE!


PS- be sure and check out the new #ValentineDecorations at http://www.showmedecorating.com/collections/valentines


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Show Me Back to School


     It’s August and back to school is everywhere even though I’m trying to hold onto summer.  I really, really love summer!  The lazy days, time by the pool, hanging out at the lake, sleeping in…it’s way better than when school starts and my number one job is bus driver to our four boys to football, youth group, school, games, orchestra. (Especially, since the day starts out so early.)

     I do love one thing about back to school and it’s all the new stuff. Sharp pencils, fresh crayons, brand new watercolors, and a blank spiral ready to be written in just give me goose bumps.  To help get me motivated and get the boys excited about a new year, I love to change out my candle jars with lots of fun stuff. They’ve outgrown needing some things so it’s great to put them to use in a new way. If you don’t  own candle jars, any clear vase, jar or container can work too!

Empty Candle Jars just waiting to be Show Me'd

Gathered Back to School necessities

I used a ruler, flash cards, pencils, crayons, and markers to fill the candle jars. They provided different heights and lots of colors. The great thing was I had most things filling up a drawer and the other’s were extra supplies from Target.  So, I cleaned up too!

Now time for some bows

I used tulle ribbon and two different cute stripes/prints that I got at JoAnn’s Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. The tulle was a great base and by using several different ones each of my candle jars was unique but all went together.

Tip: If you need to know how to tie a bow, check out our app in the App Store!

Ready for School!

Well, at least there is still 16 days until school starts!

What do you all think of back to school? Do you have favorite traditions?

Happy Decorating,



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