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Fabulous Spring Focal Points

Fabulous, never before seen Focal Points from www.ShowMeDecorating.com

For wreaths, your entryway or for your tabletop!

Vibrant Metal Hanging Flower $16.99

Metal hanging flower door entryway doorway

The metal hanging flower is perfect for any focal point! Only $16.99

Happiness is the Air sign only $7.99

Happiness is in the Air sign focal point wreath door doorway entryway

Happiness is in the Air! Another great focal point from http://www.ShowMeDecorating.com

Bloom Where You Are Planted sign $7.99

Bloom where you are planted sign Adams & Co spring easter door doorway

Bloom where you are Planted sign makes a great focal point or just hang it on the front of your door!

Happy Easter Assorted signs $24.99

Happy Easter signs spring bunny rabbit, chicken egg

Happy Easter Assorted signs for all around the home!

9″ S-P-R-I-N-G Wood Letters $41.99

Spring and easter wood blocks

Spring Block Letters to work into a wreath as your focal point. Wire in each letter!

lisAfRosT, spring, roses

For more fabulous decorating ingredients, visit http://www.showmedecorating.com

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Splash of Spring

Spring Decorating

Spring Wreath DIY Pin

Add a touch of Spring!

SpringWreath w: owl

Easy way to decorate…fill jars and tie with a Show Me Decorating Bows

Learn to tie fabulous bows at http://www.bowapp.showmedecorating.com

Show Me Decorating, Spring bows, Chicks,Ribbon

Spring has sprung in bright pinks and lime green

The Perfect Ribbon to tie around the jars or Wreaths

Show Me Decorating Candy Loop Ribbon www.ShowMeDecorating.com

Candy Loop Ribbon

only $19.99

Lime Glitter Mesh Ribbon from www.ShowMeDecorating.com

Lime Glitter Mesh Ribbon


Fabulous Spring Accessories

Season of Hope Wood Blocks

Season of Hope Wood Blocks


Lisa Frost Butterfly and flowersBanner

Happy Decorating!

Jennifer Sharrick

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The Luck of The Irish (2012 Revamp)

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What a fun way to Welcome Spring and spread some “Luck” to all who passby……

Be sure to go to www.ShowMeDecorating.com to see all the Green St. Patty’s Day products! Click on Colors then Green..

A door swag or teardrop is a great alternative to a wreath! The pop of Zebra black and white ribbon adds an unexpected touch!

Need to learn to tie a bow? Check out the Show me decorating app for the ipad or iphone, $2.99


A green piece of fabric is the grounding for this tablescape.

Happy St. Patricks Day! a touch of Zebra is carried out in the daisy flower!

One of our “newest” designers has been a quick study of all things Show Me Decorating!

Remember the Show Me Decorating steps:

1.Pick a theme: Holiday (Christmas, Easter, Madigras) or Celebration (Graduation, baby shower, wedding)

2.Choose a color story, this allows you to narrow your choices and focus

3.Gather your materials, look around your house and repurpose everyday items (all red dishes for Valentines day, pastel containers or baskets for Easter)

4. Pick a focal spot, an area where everyone will enjoy (top of a buffet, shelf in a bookcase, fireplace mantel, entry table)

5. Create a welcome doorway and offer a great 1st impression

Follow us on Pinterest… need an invite? email us at Social@showmedecorating.com

St. Paddy’s Day is a Day to Have FUN

Treat the kids to a few GREEN treats

Becky will turn her kids Milk green what a surprise!

Here’s a cute idea from Pinterest-

St. Paddy's Day

Leprechaun Lunch from Pinterest

Go see the step by step from Bloom by Design at  http://bit.ly/XEgiuC

Or for your little Leprechauns’ how about a little bit of GOLD…

Lil Pot of Gold from poppiesatplay.blogs...

Lil Pot of Gold from

Here’s wishing you a Pot of Gold at the End of Your Rainbow!

Create, Inspire, Educate, Decorate…..

Happy Decorating yall!

Becky and Kathy

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Show Me a Thankful table from gathered goodies right at home!

A Thankful Table & Our Turkey Recipe

(Turkey Recipe Below!)

Thanksgiving is all about the food…. and being so thankful for all we are blessed with!

We can create a beautiful autumn table scape with branches, berries and leaves that may be available to you in your area. But dry West Texas has not allowed us to enjoy many fall leaves. So for this blog I am using faux florals but you can easily substitute what you have to gather from in your yard or countryside! Let the kids help you gather and be apart of the decorating!

I also made a trip to @Walmart and picked up gourds, pumpkins, squash, pomegranate, apples and green grapes for my harvest table.

Closeup of gathered branches, berries and leaves in a hand bouquet

Need help tying the bow? We “Show you” on the Bow app for iPhone & iPad $0.99


Gather faux or real leaves, berries, wheat and branches

Curtain clips make great napkin rings, add name for place setting, Gathered from @Walmart

Gather your materials to start decorating!

Framed photographs from around the house

Table is set with gathered fruit, gourds and pumpkins!

Here is the easiest turkey recipe! please try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Miss Cayce’s Turkey

(Fix it at night and put on before you go to bed)

1-quart water

1-apple whole

1-onion whole

2-3 stalks of celery

Salt and pepper

1 stick of butter

Clean turkey! Don’t forget to
pull out the insides (usually in a plastic bag) and rinse cavity! Leave the
legs hooked together. Place turkey in roasting pan, rub butter all over turkey
and put remainder of butter in cavity, pour in water and place apple, onion,
and celery around turkey, salt and pepper. Cover turkey tightly with lid or
several layers of foil, to be sure it is completely sealed. Turn oven to 500
degrees, place turkey in oven, turn oven off after 1 hour. And the most
important step……DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN DOOR TIL MORNING!!!!!!!

Delicious Turkey served to our families at Thanksgiving!

(If you have a Convection Oven it will not cook this way, because the oven cools itself!)


Happy Decorating Y’all!

Becky & Kathy

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Show Me a Thanksgiving Table ready for a turkey!

Thanksgiving is all about…… food! At least at our gatherings! It is also a time to be reflect on the past year and all we have to be thankful for! Our family gathers at our Grandmom and Grandaddy’s house (Clarence & Betty Murray.) The meall is served buffet style on the bar. Dad and I both cook the biggest turkey’s we can find and everyone brings their “must have” dishes. But we will have to share recipes later …..
Let me Show You a way to decorate your table! This works for a sitdown dinner because you can talk across the decorations (everyone wants to see who they are talking to!) or buffet style by working in all the different serving pieces on either side!

At Show Me Decorating we always start with a theme, what are we celebrating or decorating for?
-The theme is nostalgic Thanksgiving
-The color story is Autumn Leaf colors

Now its time to gather materials. I love to repurpose and reuse items I have around the house, so all the brass candle sticks hiding in the cabinets and closets are rounded up, as well as all the family photos to use. Candles purchased @Walmart compliment our autumn colors, and paper plates are elevated to the look of fine china when placed on chargers (from @HobbyLobby and @Pier1 )

To pull off this theme I decided to use family photographs from around the house. However a great look is to print off some of those great family pictures you have stored on your computer! Frame them in frames from the dollar or discount store all in coordinating frames, or just do as my daughter did:
-Collect garage sale frames
-Spray paint all the same color
-Create a coordinated look
These will be tucked in to the garland down the middle of the table. It will be fun to look back at how everyone has changed and grown… great conversation.

Now for the base I will use a 9′ green pine garland and wire on the fall garland and red berry garland. Ribbon and mesh are gathered and it is time to start decorating. ( This look also works on a side table or mantel)

Enjoy your turkey day as we enjoy ours!

All we need now is the Turkey and family!

Green pine garland, sunflower garland and red/burgundy berry garland

Framed photographs from around the house

Gather your materials to start decorating!

The rolled mesh makes a great table runner, copper ribbon for a bow. Learn how to tie a bow http://www.bowapp.showmedecorating.com $0.99 app for iPhone or iPad! Closeup of finished table!



A place setting is not complete without the napkin! Here I used a curtain ring clip and rolled a dish towel up as my napkin!
( purchased in a package @Walmart)
The place card was clipped on with a name or you could have thankful messages written!

Happy Decorating Y’all!

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