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Show Me How to Make a Fiesta Wreath

Fiesta Wreath Ingredients

Fiesta in San Antonio begins this year on April 10th. Fiesta is an annual Spring celebration that  started in 1891 when a group of citizens decided to honor the heroes of the Alamo and Battle of San Jacinto with a Battle of Flowers.
The first parade had horse-drawn carriages, bicycles decorated with fresh flowers and floats carrying children dressed as flowers. The participants pelted each other with blossoms. It is the largest celebration in San Antonio and includes many parades(River , Flambeau, & Battle of Flowers) festivals(Oyster Bake & King Williams Fair), NIOSA, and a city wide holiday for Battle of Flowers Parade.

To decorate homes, people add Fiesta wreathes to their front door with lots of ribbon, flowers, in bright colors.

Ready to make your own? You can with Show Me Decorating’s easy to follow steps-

What makes for a fabulous seasonal wreath?

1.Quality Ingredients- start with a good base. A wreath with sturdy branches/arms that will hold it’s form when you shape it. Choose colorful focal points to set the theme for your wreath, Wired ribbon in several widths, & Florals.

2. Decorate in a triangle

3. Decorate in layers and fill in spaces to your triangle as you go.

4. Step back & enjoy!

Fiesta Focal points-

RTC Fiesta collage

The Fiesta Collection at http://www.ShowMeDecorating.com

So many cute things to choose…
Start with a great quality base

We love this Lime Green for Fiesta
(This wreath also comes in Orange)

Wreath, lime, green, Fiesta, Spring

Lime Green Wreath

Gather your ingredients-Flowers in bright colors, ribbon half bows, and ribbon streamers.

Ribbon, Floral, Streamers, Spring, Fiesta


Think of your wreath as a triangle and place focal points and bow at each corner. Then fill in with flowers and half bows!

Wreath, Ribbon, Floral, Fiesta

A Few easy steps

Almost done, but first you have to add Ribbon Streamers to make it truly FIESTA!

Fiesta, Wreath, Ribbon, Floral,

Viva Fiesta

Ingredient list-
1 30” Lime Green Wreath
1 Metal Donkey Pinata
1 Metal Fiesta sign
1 Bolt of Candy Loop Ribbon – 5 Yards
Available from-

Fiesta Flowers can be bought or made from paper( don’t hold up as well outside) or from plastic tablecloths
Flowers purchased from Alamo Fiesta in San Antonio
5 large plastic flowers
5 small plastic flowers

Bows tied using the app from www.app.showmedecorating.com

1 large bow
6 half bows
Streamers tied with curly ribbon and satin ribbon

Fiesta Wreath kit available at https://show-me-decorating.myshopify.com/admin/products/270596973

Now you are ready for Fiesta or Cinco de Mayo!

Thank you Lanisa Cole and Sal Priddy for the beautiful wreath!


Happy Decorating,


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Decorate Once Celebrate Twice or Three times..Valentines, Birthdays, and more

Decorating can be so fun when it’s easy and especially rewarding when you benefit more than once! At Show Me Decorating, we go all out for Christmas and ok-Halloween, but I also love to add a touch of the other celebrations through out the year. It may just be my candle jars changed out with sea shells for summer or back to school supplies for the month of September. I do LOVE Valentines.( Maybe, it’s because I’m a mother of 4 boys but I always want to spread L-O-V-E instead of f-i-g-h-t-i-n-g, but that’s another story.) This year for Valentines,  I decorated my door,  my candle jars, and my new chandelier.

Valentine Decorating-Jennifer '13


To decorate, I tied new @ShowMeDecorating.com bows with our fabulous wired ribbon for my door, chandelier, and candle jars. Great way to re purpose from Christmas! I love my @LisaFrost door banner and my talented niece and Show Me Decorator, Katy,  created the cute complimentary Hearts that are a little bit funky. I always love to add color with flowers for my pots from @Lowes and change these out for the season. I filled my candle jars with @conversation hearts and @redhots from @Target where I also found the cute Heart cut out table runner.

So, when an opportunity arrived to have a party-I was ready!

Valentine Table set

There is nothing more fun than hosting a party for a friend’s birthday!  I was very blessed this week to host a surprise luncheon for my friend, Suzanne.  Ashley, Suzanne’s daughter,  a fabulous chef and party specialist created a yummy lunch and fabulous birthday decorations that complemented my Valentine’s decorations. She really out did herself! I had decorated my chandelier with #showmedecorating #bows and covered the table in a simple black cloth with a chevron table runner from @groopdealz. Ashley added a garland tied with black, white, and red patterned fabric, black cake stands, delicious food, and a customized Happy Birthday #Bling banner!

Valentine Bday Cake
Valentine saladValentine bday lunch

Valentine Chicks 1

Ashley really out did herself and her Mom loved it. Her menu was Spinach quiche, capris salad, a spinach salad with blackberries with a raspberry vingaigrette, @LaMadeline’s strawberries and creme, then a yummy Lemon creme cake. We all enjoyed each bite! We would love to see how you all are celebrating the seasons so share with us on #facebook, follow us on Pinterest, and check out showmedecorating.com If you like reading our blogs, please leave us a recommendation.


Happy Valentines,


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Valentine/ Birthday Celebration!

Welcome to my Valentine/ Birthday party!

Welcome to my Valentine/ Birthday party!

Valentine/ Birthday Celebration!                                       Follow Me on Pinterest

My door is the 1st impression of the theme of the party!, Love the inspiration from my Lisa Frost Valentine heart!

My door is the 1st impression of the theme of the party! Love the inspiration from my Lisa Frost Valentine heart!

Miss Cayce’s is celebrating 29 years (1984) in business in the Permian basin. because we are a seasonal store and we have lots of women that work for us and they change sometimes from season to season it was hard to keep up with birthdays, you would remember some and celebrate and forget others and have hurt feelings! So years ago we instituted a policy, if your birthday falls during our open season, you are responsible for celebrating and inviting us to the party! We have had catered lunches, complete with cake and party favors, and if you don’t throw your own celebration you cannot be upset if no one knows! Because my birthday is in February, the 12th to be exact, and close to Valentines day (one of my favorites) I throw myself a Valentine/Birthday party and invite my friends and family. This year was especially special because my little sister Jennifer and our Show Me Decorating team, Sal and Lanisa (from San Antonio) surprised me!

Sister Jennifer (San Antonio Show me Team) Kathy, Betty (mom) and me!

Sister Jennifer (San Antonio Show Me Team) Kathy, Betty (mom) and me!

I requested everyone to wear red, pink or black and white.

Handmade and hand delivered! Using Valentine inspired scrap book paper and glue stick!

Handmade and hand delivered! Using Valentine inspired scrap book paper and glue stick!

I fixed my favorite lunch menu:

Tomato Basil Soup

Brown ‘n serve sandwiches

Salad with Strawberries and balsamic dressing

assorted desserts from Pinterest

Antique dishes, oblong plates with matching punch cups (borrowed from Alta Lynn) were perfect for my menu!

Antique dishes, oblong plates with matching punch cups (borrowed from Alta Lynn) were perfect for my menu!

 Betty & Tammy help themselves to assorted treats! Black and white serving pieces coordinate with party theme!

Betty & Tammy help themselves to assorted treats! Black and white serving pieces coordinate with party theme!

This year I found a drink on Pinterest where you dipped the clear glass in white icing and then in colored sprinkles!

My husband Mark and daughter Rebecca, were great helpers for the celebration!

My husband Mark and daughter Rebecca, were great helpers for the celebration!

My husband Mark and daughter Rebecca were kind enough to serve and help, and clean up!



splash of cranberry

twist of lime and

optional: vanilla infused Vodka

pour in a shaker with ice and shake, pour in sprinkle rimmed glass

Shaken and cold! Delicious!

Shaken and cold! Delicious!

Birthday glass for the birthday girl! glass rimmed with birthday sprinkles!

Birthday glass for the birthday girl! glass rimmed with birthday sprinkles!

I love love love pinterest! I get so many ideas and want to always try new ideas, especially food and desserts!

my desserts were

Red Velvet brownies

Red Velvet brownies

Red velvet brownies (cut with a heart shape cookie cutter)

Strawberry lemonade bars

Strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese glaze

Brownies, Strawberry cupcakes and pink lemonade bars

Three layer Brownies, Strawberry cupcakes and pink lemonade bars

chocolate dipped strawberries

and my all time favorite,

Three Layer Brownies

1 cup butter

4 squares unsweetened chocolate

1 1/2 t vanilla

2 c sugar

1 c flour

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. melt chocolate with butter, cool and add other ingredients. mix well, but do not beat. Put in a greased and floured 10x 15 pan and bake for 20-25 minutes. cool.

Spread with icing made from 1/2 c soft butter, 3 cups sifted powered sugar, few drops cream and 1t vanilla. Smooth as evenly as possible. chill slightly

Glaze with 1/2 c butter melted with 2 squares unsweetened chocolate and cooled.

These freeze well. I love this recipe because I made the week before, drizzled with white chocolate tinted pink and froze.

I collect recipes from friends when I attend an event or party and like the food served.This recipe was given to me by my good friend Cliffy who served these at a reception.

These sandwiches also freeze well and are perfect for a brunch lunch or late dinner! I made the week before and made extra to store in the freezer.

Baked Sandwiches, Yum!

Baked Sandwiches, Yum!

Brown n serve Sandwiches

1 pkg brown n serve rolls (split in the middle) I used Hawaiian rolls

1 pound shaved deli ham

1 pkg sliced swiss cheese


1 stick butter

2 Tbls sugar

1 Tbls chopped onion

1 Tbls Worcestershire sauce

2 tbls poppy seeds

2 Tbls Dijon mustard

salt and pepper

Saute onion in butter, add remaining ingredients. stir till sugar is dissolved and mixed well (I mix all and microwave for a couple of minutes really quick)

Separate and slice open rolls, brush inside (one side) with the sauce, layer cheese and a thin layer of ham. replace top, pour sauce over rolls and bake on 350 for 30 minutes.

These are delicious dipped in raspberry chipotle jelly!

I search magazines, the internet and Pinterest for recipes to try, I print them and make them for events and if I get good reviews I keep and if not I toss! (red velvet brownies)

My bestest friend of 27 years, past catering partner and Miss Cayce’s employee Alta Lynn Gerlach shared this soup recipe because she knew I loved La Madeline’s tomato basil soup!

Tomato soup made the day before and served from my crockpot!

Tomato soup made the day before and served from my crock pot!

This was inspired by La Madeleine’s Tomato basil soup, a favorite of ours when we go to market

La Madaltalynn’s (from Alta Lynn Gerlach)

1 stick melted butter

1 large 28 oz can tomato puree

1 can chicken broth

4 Tbls Basil

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1 cup whipping cream

Mix all ingredients except whipping cream.

Heat until warm and then add whipping cream right before serving. Do not boil.

garnish with fresh chopped basil

Life is sweet! especially when you have awesome family and friends!

Life is sweet! especially when you have awesome family and friends!

The guest arrived in Red, pink and black and white!

The guest arrived in Red, pink and black and white!

Even my granddaughter enjoyed the soup!

Even my granddaughter enjoyed the soup!

Sal and Lanisa, the Show Me team from San Antonio

Sal and Lanisa, the Show Me team from San Antonio

The top of the piano is a great area to decorate seasonally

The top of the piano is a great area to decorate seasonally

A command hook place upside down, on the inside of the cabinet will hold a shiny red heart!

A command hook place upside down, on the inside of the cabinet will hold a shiny red heart!

Sheer pink ribbon attaches to command hook to hold the heart!

Sheer pink ribbon attached to command hook to hold the heart!

The chandelier is a great place to add seasonal decorations!

The chandelier is a great place to add seasonal decorations!

My son, Price surprised me with a visit and gift!

My son, Price surprised me with a visit and gift!

Ethan delivered the gift! Perfect for my bedroom!

Ethan delivered the gift! Perfect for my bedroom!

No birthday would be complete without gifts to open!

No birthday would be complete without gifts to open!

My birthday party was recently featured with my favorite recipes in the Midland Monthly! Check it out!


 Happy Decorating Y’all,
Becky and Kathy
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Lake Side Christmas!

What do you get when you mix the 3 ShowMeDecorating key ingredients (Ribbon, Balls and florals) with a beautiful Lakeside home?

A stunning Christmas home ready to entertain for the holidays with family and friends!

Lakeside Christmas Home

Clear, blue green water is reflected in this lake side Christmas tree!

Clear, blue green water is reflected in this lake side Christmas tree!

Happy Decorating y’all,

Becky and Kathy

the Christmas Decorating Experts!

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Lanterns to Light up your Halloween!

Lanterns to Light up your Halloween! and every other season or Holiday!……….   

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Select and empty lantern and your themed ingredients, here we chose a black lantern for Halloween, Halloween ornaments, ball garland,and fun wired ribbon

Select and empty lantern and your themed ingredients, here we chose a black lantern for Halloween, Halloween ornaments, ball garland,and fun wired ribbon

 Lantern step by step, fill with ball garland, ornaments, we positioned the skull and pumpkin ornament on top to show. Next strips of Ribbon were added by wiring together then attaching to the ring on top of the lantern with a thin wired ribbon!

Lantern step by step: fill with ball garland, ornaments,  position the skull and pumpkin ornament on top to show. Next, add strips of Ribbon by wiring together then attaching to the ring on top of the lantern with a thinner wired ribbon!

 Finished  lantern ready to light up your Halloween! By choosing your Holiday, fall could be pumpkins and leaves and Christmas, ornaments and balls then add the perfect coordinating ribbon and you have a Lantern for all seasons!

Finished lantern ready to light up your Halloween! By choosing your Holiday, fall could be pumpkins and leaves, Christmas might be ornaments and balls then add the perfect coordinating ribbon and you have a Lantern for all seasons!

Happy Decorating Y’all

Becky & Kathy


Get your Christmas How To tree decorating app for $2.99!

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Viva Fiesta! Show Me some Streamers

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Fiesta Time!

Whether you live in San Antonio enjoying 11 days of parades, festivals and more or you are having a Fiesta themed party for Cinco de Mayo or Graduation Celebrations.

  Show Me Decorating can Show you how with some easy to follow steps for making a fabulous Fiesta wreath.


Flowers, flowers, flowers, take center stage for Fiesta! Ribbon, bright, colorful and fun for streamers! Wow, what a statement. Coordinating wreaths for double doors!

Open up the back of the wreath and touch every branch as you shape moving around the back.

  Use a pipe cleaner (chenille stem) on the back as a loop to hang your wreath. Wrap two chenille stems together (for strength) and attach to wire frame, now turn the wreath around and see how the pine branches grow, shaping and fluffing out.

Focal points add interest, we love @Round Top Collection for metal pieces and of course a bow using the www.app.showmedecorating.com

 Fiesta is all about vivid colors and we fell in love with this embroidered ribbon from @Farrisilk. It reminded us of the Fiesta Queen’s dresses. Place your ingredients in a triangle pattern.

  Place flowers in a triangle, add a needle point ivy for filler and interest to the green pine base. Shape flowers and remember every flower has a face so make sure it shows.

We tied a full big bow (1 of the focal points in the 1st triangle) with a print ribbon, solid, mesh, and streamers. Add in half bows as you fill in the wreath and your triangles.

Fiesta is all about the streamers. It’s a great way to make a colorful statement and inexpensive! We tied our streamers (@ReliantRibbon) onto a heavy piece of wire or you could use the flat part of a hanger, then we attached it to our wreath base. You can remove it for easier storage, or take off for a different look.

 Completed Wreathes by our Show Me Decorating San Antonio Team!

Now, you can make your own or contact Jennifer@showmedecorating.com if you would like one of the above or fill out this form:


Happy Decorating,

Jennifer, Sal, and Lanisa

the “Show Me Decorating” Team in San Antonio


just $2.99

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Show Me a Great First Impression (2012)

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Show Me a Great First Impression

(takes a little elbow grease and great Spring Products from ShowMeDecorating.com)

Recently, we had the opportunity to do a segment on @San Antonio Living on creating a Springified front door. It was a ton of fun and there are several practical tips for you to get ready to Welcome your neighbors!

 Clean up first! Step back and look at what your friend will see when she’s coming to visit. Are there cobwebs, dead bugs(UGH), leaves? Get rid of them with a little sweeping!

I know, I know window cleaning-yuck! Luckily, it only has to be done a few times a year or in my case maybe once every few years. Sssh, don’t tell! I should do it more because I really do like it when the sun shines in from a little @Windex use!

Add, a cute front door mat. It will make you smile every time you open your door. This one is from @World Market and I loved the turquoise color. Have you noticed all of the Turquoise on Pinterest?

Do you Pinterest? We do! Follow us at http://pinterest.com/showmedecorate  Need an invitation-leave a comment below and we’ll send you one.

Add in a Cute Wreath for attention!

This one was made by our Show Me team in San Antonio. Don’t you love the Tangerine? Oprah says it’s the color of the year. The black and white polka dots really pop. We used great wired ribbon from @Reliant Ribbon and focal points – Welcome Sign and Watering Can from @Hobby Lobby. There are bows and half bows so make sure and go to http://www.bowapp.showmedecorating.com to learn how!

Now, we love permanent botanicals for our decorating, but for your pots and flower beds please, please, please, use real flowers and greenery. I love a touch of white because it shows up from the street. These pots are from @Lowes and are so light weight. You don’t need a bruiser to move them.

We’re ready for Spring! Are you?

Happy Decorating Y’all,


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Show Me another Cayce Grandbaby

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Show Me Another Grand Baby Nursery!

Better late than never! That’s what happens when a grand baby is born during Christmas season.

 I have had such a blessed year by gaining 2 new grand children; Layla Elizabeth in July and Barrett James in October.

My daughter Katy and her husband Ben decided to wait until the due date to find out what they were having.  In today’s time that could cause a lot of people stress when decorating the nursery. However, we enjoyed putting together a fun, colorful, gender neutral nursery.  We are spoiled with access to a fantastic children’s fabric store @Graham Kracker in Midland who carry a wide array of fabulous fabrics, and mae all the custom bedding and curtains.  In Show Me fashion you must first pick your theme/colors.

Check out  www.grahmkracker.com

Katy loved Orange and Turquoise with a mixture of fun prints! Coordinating with the rest of her house she picked stripes and floral prints.  She took the diamond fabric and had @SherwinWilliams match a paint color for the ceiling of the room.  Painting the ceiling a color is a great option when ther is alot of pattern/color in the room. Katy had to use her negotiating skills with Ben, but in the end he agreed and even did the painting!

Next, Katy chose to re-purpose a dresser that belonged to her dad, Jim as a kid. She chose to paint it turquoise.

To dull the old finish and prepare it to paint, a de-glosser or liquid sand is used. This is available at @HomeDepot or @Lowes. With a t-shirt rag wipe over all the surfaces with the de-glosser following the manufactures instructions. Paint the furniture with @delta Ceramcoat acrlylic paint available @HobbyLobby, or @Michaels.

Tip: After desired color is achieved, use a wipe on poly varnish which is easy to apply using a t-shirt rag, follow manufactures instructions. Apply several coats for maximum protection. Matt, semi-gloss and gloss finishes are available.

Katy has a very eclectic taste and enjoyed mixing all the fabric choices and colors to create the perfect bedding and room for the new baby (boy or girl)!

 What a fun room! The hand me down dresser sports a fresh coat of paint and the orange lamp adds a pop of color!

Re-using and repurposing an old piece of furniture is fun!

In addition to the crib bedding we also carried over the fabrics to the twin bed.

 I hope you enjoy getting a few new ideas for a nursery!

Barrett loves his room and his Granna for helping to make it happen the Show Me Decorating way!

He encourages everyone to get his Granna and Aunt Becky’s App $2.99


Happy Decorating Y’all!


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Fiesta Time in San Antonio!

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Reblog from 2011!

It’s Fiesta Time in San Antonio and sisters, Lanisa Cole & Sal Priddy, of our San Antonio team have been busy. You can follow Show Me Decorating’s easy steps to create a festive wreath too!

Sisters Lanisa & Sal

Step One Gather Your Materials

We were between using a grapevine wreath or a green wreath with a magnolia leaf added on. We chose the green wreath because it will be easy to add in our flowers & ribbon.

Which wreath to use?

For a fun festive wreath, choose a selection of flowers. We chose traditional fiesta flowers but had them made out of plastic instead of paper to last longer.

Quick Sidenote : ) If you wanted to do a bright Spring wreath, you could chose Gerber Daisies!

We chose plastic flowers!

Every wreath needs a focal point. We loved this cute Piñata donkey & the ribbon streamers will give the wreath dimension!

The Focal Point & Adding Some Dimension

Bright ribbon adds a real punch to our fiesta wreath! We used the lime green netting as background & the lime green & orange with pom pons for our bows. The skinny ribbon is for streamers!

Bright Colored Ribbon!

Step Two Building Your Wreath!

This is the easiest part of creating a wreath. Once you have chosen your theme (Fiesta) and you have gathered your materials like we did, then you can place everything on the wreath! Here comes the creative part Don’t shy away from making your wreath look just like YOU want it. We added in the flowers, the Piñata, and the streamers keeping in mind that we can make different layers with each of these. While we were making the wreath, we decided to make bows to match our theme and place them around the house!

Quick Sidenote : ) Be watching for the Video on how to tie multiple ribboned bows! Also the Show Me Decorating app for iPhone’s & iPad’s includes an entire section on how to tie bows.

Were Done!

It’s Fiesta Time! Happy Decorating! Sal & Lenisa

Sisters Lanisa & Sal on the San Antonio Team

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Show me the power of 3! Valentine Wreath Power Punch!

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Welcome to my home! Happy Valentines day!

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1st impressions, you only get one chance! We used the power of 3 on this fun valentine wreath! 3 large oversized focal points have a punch and balance! Now we show you how!

Gather all your supplies

Pin It

The Lisa Frost (@demdaco) puffy heart was the inspiration for the wreath, the sign from @Walmart is a Sandra Magsamen creation, compliments the color story, Red, pink with the pop of black and white! The message live, love, laugh is perfect for Valentines

Spray paint a grapevine wreath black for the base

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Ribbon! funky pink clear vinyl, fuzzy pink and red, and black and white polka dot@reliantribbon, the 4-6″ ribbon makes a statement

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Learn to tie a bow, http://www.app.showmedecorating.com $2.99! We created a bow with this fun combination of wired ribbon. Learning to tie bow opens the door to so many decorating projects!

Glitter, a girls got to have some!

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The fun pink flower spray was leftover from Christmas! After Christmas sales are a great place to find fun things to incorporate in seasonal and everyday decorating. The purpose of a theme and color story is to help you focus when you are looking for supplies for your project and narrow the options! We also love items that can be used for more than one purpose!

The Lisa Frost heart @demdaco(the inspiration) and the fun Sandra Magsamen Sign @livingartfully @walmart, are 2 of the focal points

Pin It

We wired on the canvas heart and the sign, now to balance the two we will add our bow! Learn how to tie a bow at http://www.bowapp.showmedecorating.com just $.99! The power of 3! Wired ribbon is best! @reliantribbon

The power of 3, adds balance to the wreath!, bow is wired on!

Pin It

Now the finishing touches, the glitter pink flowers will carry out our color story, red, pink and black and white! A couple of shatterproof red Christmas balls will add a little more red and both are wired on. (by wiring on instead of gluing, all the pieces can be taken off and reused next year in a different way, and it is easier to store)

The wreath is finished off with Funky sparkle pink flowers!

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Welcome to my home! Happy Valentines day!

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Everyone walking or driving by will see an inviting doorway! The power of the 1st impression! What does your doorway say?

We want to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day, spread some love and cheer to all those you come in contact with!

Create, Inspire, Educate to Decorate!

Happy decorating y’all,

Becky and Kathy

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Show Me Some Frosty in August

Frosty and Snow Flakes to cool you off!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful and inside is so delightful…

Close your eyes and imagine cooler weather even a bit of frost in the air! Well, eventhough it’s over 100 in most of the country here’s some snowy pics of one of our favorite places.

At Show Me Decorating, we’re all about having a theme to center our decorations around. What’s better than Frosty and Snowflakes!

Last year, one of our clients chose “All my Friends are Flakes” for her annual Christmas party. Kathy was able to pull together some awesome decorations in lots of different sizes, textures, colors, and shapes.

Remember, we always lay the groundwork with big balls, ribbon, and floral. If you’re not sure of the steps, then take advantage of our app for $2.99 at The App Store this sale is for summer only.

Sal, what are we going to do with all of this ribbon?

Ribbon is great to add texture. We like to use several in different widths, colors, and patterns. It really pops on the tree and sets the stage for the rest of our ingredients.

Wow, that's a bow!!

Each year we get to do a new theme but we always re-incorporate elements from years past. Can you see frosty’s hat? Those were tops hats from Christmas in the City.  The big poinsettias are from Christmas Fiesta.

Tip: If your looking to change up or add to your holiday decorations, you don’t have to start from scratch, just repurpose!

I hope Frosty helps cool you off and it’s never too early to start planning your holiday decorations!  Miss Cayce’s opens September 9 and it’s worth the trip from anywhere.

Apart of our Christmas in August series (before Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store opens next month) watch Rebecca take us Step By Step through decorating an Upside-Down Christmas Tree on our YouTube Channel!  Be watching for the next parts of the video series!


Christmas in August Video Series…

Happy Decorating!

Thank you to our San Antonio Show Me Team!

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Show Me Costa Rica Vacation Memories!

Peering out my kitchen window I can read my sign “Pura Vida”…… and it takes me back on vacation! (if only for a moment)

Watch the video version of this blog at http://youtu.be/k9FuXyTyiTE below!


As back to school approaches I am still enjoying the family vacation to Costa Rica through my pictures and travel souvenirs!

Will and Rebecca having fun!

As many tourist do, we got caught up in shopping! We enjoyed the local hangouts and loved all the tropical vibes of Costa Rica! One shop “the Costa Rica Coffee Experience” in Jaco had wonderful customer service! We bought coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, tea, t-shirts, a colorful butterfly and a scarf! The staff was so gracious and generous with coffee samples and information on all the spices, native plants and gifts of Costa Rica.

Shopping "the Costa Rica Coffee Experience" Jaco, Costa Rica

After returning to reality and dry West Texas, I was unpacking all my goodies, the thought crossed my mind to create a wall decor for my back patio that we could all enjoy and remember our fabulous trip and the lush tropical greeeeeeeeeeen!!!! (ok we are in a drought so this is a big deal even if the leaves are permanent botanical, they are green and look real!)

Tropical palm tree by pool in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

I hope  you enjoy and as always our goal is to create to inspire, to educate so you will decorate!

View of vacation decor from my kitchen

Lets Get Started!

Gather all materials: Tropical leaves purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby, travel souvenirs, green florist wire, green pipe cleaners and green florist tape. My inspiration came from all the lush green landscapes we saw, colorful flowers and butterflies and the Costa Rica motto “Pura Vida,” Pure Life!

1. Gather materials: Tropical greenery and vine base

2. Collect Vacation trinkets from travels

3. Freeform vine for base, (grapevine wreath could also be used)

I like to work with my base on an easel , the freeform vine allowed me to have a structure to wire everything to. It also looks like the vines we saw hanging everywhere.

4. Big leaf, feather leaf and vine wired together

5. Camoflauge mechanics with green florist tape

6. Using a green pipe cleaner blends into greenery twisted to hold loop together

7. Greenery stems are bent and twisted to form a loop

8. The freeform vine and tropical greenery wired together

9. A green pipe cleaner attach to screw eye on back of butterfly

The souvenirs I purchased came with hooks, however picture hanging materials can be added when needed.

10. Focal point wired on, butterfly and "Pura Vida" sign tops it off!

At this point a bow could be added, and if you need to know how to tie one, we show you how on the app!


However I purchased a colorful scarf and decided to use it running thru my design and secured with a wire (no glue allows me to wear it at a later date!)

11. Scarf run through, ready to hang and enjoy!

Notice how the greenery looks just like the greenery from the tropical palm tree! Amazing!

So enjoy your vacation or trip a little longer by assembling a decorative wreath or swag to hang and make use of all your favorite travel souvenirs!

As always……..

Create, Inspire, Educate you to Decorate!

Happy decorating Y’all!

Becky McCraney

Back to school is next…………….

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