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Have a Jolly Holiday!

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Have a Jolly Holiday!

“Tis the season to be jolly”, sums up this whimsical holiday theme.  Black and white patterned ribbon punch the traditional red, green and gold up to the top.  Mary Englebreit would be proud to see her designer stockings hung by the chimney with care and her ornaments proudly displayed on the tree.  Big balls in cheerful colors provide plenty of background for poinsettias and glittered lime green leaf sprays.  The wreath says it all with its Christmas colors in shiny red and green, cherry sprays and zebra accent ribbon.  Learn how to use your treasured collection with the Show Me Decorating App for trimming your Christmas tree and decorating your home!

Find your Holiday “How To” and key ingredients at


Christmas Tree Decorating How To app just $2.99!

Happy Decorating Ya’ll,

Kathy and Becky

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Show Me another Cayce Grandbaby

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Show Me Another Grand Baby Nursery!

Better late than never! That’s what happens when a grand baby is born during Christmas season.

 I have had such a blessed year by gaining 2 new grand children; Layla Elizabeth in July and Barrett James in October.

My daughter Katy and her husband Ben decided to wait until the due date to find out what they were having.  In today’s time that could cause a lot of people stress when decorating the nursery. However, we enjoyed putting together a fun, colorful, gender neutral nursery.  We are spoiled with access to a fantastic children’s fabric store @Graham Kracker in Midland who carry a wide array of fabulous fabrics, and mae all the custom bedding and curtains.  In Show Me fashion you must first pick your theme/colors.

Check out  www.grahmkracker.com

Katy loved Orange and Turquoise with a mixture of fun prints! Coordinating with the rest of her house she picked stripes and floral prints.  She took the diamond fabric and had @SherwinWilliams match a paint color for the ceiling of the room.  Painting the ceiling a color is a great option when ther is alot of pattern/color in the room. Katy had to use her negotiating skills with Ben, but in the end he agreed and even did the painting!

Next, Katy chose to re-purpose a dresser that belonged to her dad, Jim as a kid. She chose to paint it turquoise.

To dull the old finish and prepare it to paint, a de-glosser or liquid sand is used. This is available at @HomeDepot or @Lowes. With a t-shirt rag wipe over all the surfaces with the de-glosser following the manufactures instructions. Paint the furniture with @delta Ceramcoat acrlylic paint available @HobbyLobby, or @Michaels.

Tip: After desired color is achieved, use a wipe on poly varnish which is easy to apply using a t-shirt rag, follow manufactures instructions. Apply several coats for maximum protection. Matt, semi-gloss and gloss finishes are available.

Katy has a very eclectic taste and enjoyed mixing all the fabric choices and colors to create the perfect bedding and room for the new baby (boy or girl)!

 What a fun room! The hand me down dresser sports a fresh coat of paint and the orange lamp adds a pop of color!

Re-using and repurposing an old piece of furniture is fun!

In addition to the crib bedding we also carried over the fabrics to the twin bed.

 I hope you enjoy getting a few new ideas for a nursery!

Barrett loves his room and his Granna for helping to make it happen the Show Me Decorating way!

He encourages everyone to get his Granna and Aunt Becky’s App $2.99


Happy Decorating Y’all!


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Show Me Valentine Decorating in Lights!

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Dressed up lamp for Valentines day!

Love is in the air… at my house! One of my favorite days to decorate for, Valentines. In the entry way I dress up the lamp with a sheer wired ribbon wrapped around the shade and tie on the puffy heart tassel. (last year this heart was hanging from a shelf in the guest room!) I love to use items differently each year. I also arranged my heart printed bowl, cute heart boxes and antique valentines sprinkled in! This create a fun vignette to welcome my guest.

I love antique valentines, I also keep special ones the kids have made, and sprinkle them through out my decorating!

So in keeping with the Show Me Decorating steps :

Step 1.  pick a Theme or Celebration, Valentines day

Step 2. Color story, Red, pink and black

Step 3. Gather items that coordinate and support the theme and color story. Valentines, hearts, ribbon, serving pieces, heart boxes

Hint: I have big clear tubs, marked for the season or celebration, ie: Valentines, Easter/spring, Patriotic/4th of July, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas!!!! (lots of tubs for Christmas!) Some of my items do double and triple duty!

Check out our app, www.app.showmedecorating.com just $2.99

Now back to Valentines, so the chandeliers were jealous of the lamp being dressed so now it was their turn.

Before, waiting for decorations!

Cut lengths of ribbon and inexpensive paper hearts (@hobbylobby)

Yes, I do really decorate!

Red ribbon with a heavy wire is wrapped on chandelier arm, allowed to curl and light weight paper hearts are attached to the ends!

Bright red ribbon and hearts!

The kitchen chandelier gets dressed for the Valentine celebration

Now the Big Chandelier gets dressed!

The before, waiting to be dressed for the party!

I gathered up all my goodies, glitter hearts, glass hearts, big plastic hearts and ribbon

Big red hearts are added, tied with red sheer ribbon, hanging from the middle is a cut out paper glittered heart from @Michael's

Old World Christmas has the cutest conversation hearts, they are so cute hanging from sequined wire(also from Christmas)

What would life be with out Glitter! Thanks @hobbylobby for great selections and prices!

Use sheer red ribbon to tie on glittered hearts to chandelier arms!

Shiny, glitter, glass and sparkle!

This Chandelier hangs over my table for the party and will be the main centerpiece.

All lit up and ready for a party

The Lisa Frost (@demdaco)puffy heart was the inspiration for my color story, and I will show you next how it was used in my doorway wreath……..

Love is in the air……                                                                                                       

May you be inspired to create as we educate you to decorate!

Happy Decorating y’all!


Becky and Kathy

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Valentines Day Show Me Style!

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The piano top was chosen to display the Valentine decorations.


Happy Valentines Day! It’s one of my favorite holidays to decorate and celebrate. Maybe it’s because my birthday is February 12, and my husband has to double up on gifts, or the main color is red and it is my favorite! No matter what the reason a house decorated is a happy home. I love to use the top of our piano because everyone coming in my front door can see it. (hint, pick a spot to change out seasonally that is very visible and the whole house appears decorated, great for busy families)

start with a clear candle jar or vase

Emma gets started filling a clear candle jar.

Emma fills the clear candle jar (any clear glass container will work) Plastic (Christmas balls in pink and red) make great filler!

Pink and red balls are the ultimate Valentine colors! Candy Conversation hearts add a pop of multi color! (easy and inexpensive)

Ready to add some Ribbon!

Ribbon on the top of the candle jar adds a finishing touch!

Knowing how to tie a bow gives you the confidence to decorate for so many celebrations and events!

We show you how, with our Show Me Decorating App! $2.99 Get yours today for your iPhone or iPad


Emma had fun with the gel stickers on the back door while I finished up the candle jars and top of the piano!

It is fun to involve the kids or grandkids in the creative process! Great time to spend together and fun to let them express themselves!

Sheer red ribbon adds the finishing touch to the candle jars, a candle tops the tall one and a big red heart tops the small one!

Love is in the air! Family pictures, antique valentines, and a collection of all things hearts!

Now its time to decorate my front door and Welcome my friends and family to my Birthday party…….

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Show Me a Home dressed in Peacock!

A beautiful tree dressed in colors of a peacock!

We would like to share with you a room dressed in peacock, animal print and a touch of glitter for the Christmas season. When choosing a theme we consider the room decor and pick a color story to compliment. We love to add a touch of glitz and glitter to celebrate the season and differeniate from everyday decor. It’s Christmas, a time for beauty and magic, a touch of whimsy, come on let go and let your imagination fly……

To learn more on themes, ribbons and how to tie a bow get our “Recipe for Holiday Tree Trimmimng” app $2.99 www.app.showmedecorating.com

Carry the peacock theme throughout the room with a centerpiece

Table centerpiece, wreath and mantel garland compliment the peacock inspired theme for Christmas

Holiday deer is dressed in his finest

Beauitiful wreath is hung on the mirror while the mantel is swagged in a garland to match, decorative stockings are hung with care.

Bursting with peacock feathers the coffee table centerpiece compliments the room

Beautiful rich colors and accents of Peacocks decorate the living room

Coordinating with the room decor we added a splash of glitz, a touch of animal print and the rich, vibrant colors of the peacock to decorate for the Christma season!

Happy Decorating yall,

Becky and Kathy

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Show Me a Tween tree…upside down?

Rebecca's tree..... upside down or inverted?

A tween is considered a girl ages about 9-14…too old for toys, but too young for boys….follows fashion trends (@urbandictionary), so how do you decorate their room for Christmas? An upside down tree? It is actually called an inverted tree, and what better way to let them express themselves and their style than on a tree!

Rebecca followed the Show Me Decorating steps www.app.showmedecorating.com

A theme and color story




Check out Rebecca’s You Tube videos where she demonstrates on the upside down tree that is an inverted tree. The inverted tree is made with the shorter branches attached to the pole at the bottom and branches get longer as they are progress up the pole. It comes with a stand similar to any faux tree stand and can sit on the floor. She chose a simple look by placing the tree in an oversized tree ornament stand. The Rest of the steps at the bottom :)…

Angled view of tree!

Fun colors, textures and finishes make for an interesting tree

Glitter pink flower sprays,and blue chenille curls are funky florals used in this tree!

Peace, Love and Christmas!

Who is ready to decorate? We want to help and Show You How!



Our Show Me Decorating apps, find all the basic steps, tips and techniques to get started!

Rebecca is definitely leaning towards a teenager and her decorating changes every year. Enjoy last years tree…..notice some of the same decorations?

Rebecca used a 4 1/2 white tree, elevated on a colorful box for her tree a year ago!

The bright colors really pop against the white tree!

Rebecca's Tree compliments her room! She can sit and wait on Santa!

Hummm…I wonder what is in store for 2011???? any guesses? a wall tree above her new bed?

Check into see….

Happy Decorating y’all,

Becky and Kathy

No iPhone? No problem get the DVD and guidebook at www.CayceChristmasStore.com

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Show Me my Grandbabies Nursery

Is is really almost August….?  While my elves are holding down the fort at Miss Cayce’s, I have been busy using all the Show Me Decorating techniques on Baby Rooms.  I am proud to announce the arrival of my 1st granddaughter Layla Elizabeth Hamilton born on July 14th @ 2:56 p.m.  Jim and I could not be more excited about the new edition to our family. 


When we first learned the news that Layla was going to be a girl, I started thinking about how we would transition Kaydin’s nursery into a her’s.  The key thing to picking out bedding is to go basic with colors that are gender neutral. (No I don’t mean yellow and green) Find fabrics that you like that are very versatile. Amanda found what she loved at Graham Kracker (www.grahamkracker.com).

Kaydin's Bedding

We selected multiple black and white fabrics to coordinate with a basic denim.  Our boy fabrics included a rusty-red paisley, an olive-green chenille, and a red plaid.  We had 2 sheets made out of the green chenille and the rusty-red paisley.  We found these fabulous all boy pictures @gardenridge that pulled in our color scheme from the bedding.

Layla's Bedding

Using the bumper and skirt from Kaydin we switched the boy fabrics for a girly gray based multiple colored floral print along with a pink  chenille.  @GrahamKracker sewed the new blanked and the pink sheet.

Wall Decor

Play kitchen from @PotteryBarnKids

Wall decal from @hobbylobbystore

Tip: If walls are heavily textured and the words do not seem to be sticking. Wallpaper seam glue is the answer.  Simply rub glue on finger and spread directly onto the letters.


 Cool hanging ceiling lamp from @Grahamkracker

Tip: Find a “Leon” (Jim my husband) to hang electrical things for you!

Bulliten board, frames, letters and photo book from @hobbylobbystore

 Oval mirror from @Lowes

Layla’s Finished Room

Show Me a nursery and I’ll Show You how to pull it all together!

Show Me Decorating is here to Create, Inspire, Educate you and you go Decorate! (or entertain)

Happy Baby!

Kathy Harrison (Owner)

P.S.  Tune in for more nursery tips with the next surprise addition Baby Thomas coming soon…

Bedding Fabric

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