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Show Me New Creative Graduation Invites

Show Me New Graduation Invites

Have you been opening mail and making a stack of Graduation invites?  Well I have, and I have been finding all these fun “new” creative invites that really show the grads personality and interest.

In case you haven’t been so fortunate to receive any, here are a few ……

Classic announcement and a picture collage

Classic announcement and a picture collage

This is a great fold out card with a picture collage

This is a great fold out card with a picture collage

Ashley created her own unique announcement, oversized card with a collection of pictures and her favorite verse.

Ashley created her own unique announcement, a card printed on both sides with a collection of pictures and her favorite verse.

What a fine young man and the invite totally reflects who he is!

What a fine young man and the invite totally reflects who he is!

Here are the sites where these cards were created



These unique and personal cards allow the sender to share about themselves and their future plans.

One very special young man has worked with us over the past year at Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store and we wanted to honor him with a Picnic in the Park!

Our High schoolers have open lunch and we picked a park close to the school. Coby sent out a text to all his friends with date time and location!

and the kids came!

Graduation picnic in the Park!

Graduation picnic in the Park!

Everyone loved the picnic and the weather was perfect.

We provided lunch and laid out quilts and blankets in the shade to enjoy the food and friends!

In the next post we will share the menu, recipes, and table decorations!

The honoree, Coby, who is now a Texas Tech Red Raider!

The honoree, Coby, who is now a Texas Tech Red Raider!

Happy Decorating Y’all,

get your guns up!

Becky and Kathy

Fun collegiate goodies available at ShowMeDecorating.com

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Show Me a Thanksgiving Table ready for a turkey!

Thanksgiving is all about…… food! At least at our gatherings! It is also a time to be reflect on the past year and all we have to be thankful for! Our family gathers at our Grandmom and Grandaddy’s house (Clarence & Betty Murray.) The meall is served buffet style on the bar. Dad and I both cook the biggest turkey’s we can find and everyone brings their “must have” dishes. But we will have to share recipes later …..
Let me Show You a way to decorate your table! This works for a sitdown dinner because you can talk across the decorations (everyone wants to see who they are talking to!) or buffet style by working in all the different serving pieces on either side!

At Show Me Decorating we always start with a theme, what are we celebrating or decorating for?
-The theme is nostalgic Thanksgiving
-The color story is Autumn Leaf colors

Now its time to gather materials. I love to repurpose and reuse items I have around the house, so all the brass candle sticks hiding in the cabinets and closets are rounded up, as well as all the family photos to use. Candles purchased @Walmart compliment our autumn colors, and paper plates are elevated to the look of fine china when placed on chargers (from @HobbyLobby and @Pier1 )

To pull off this theme I decided to use family photographs from around the house. However a great look is to print off some of those great family pictures you have stored on your computer! Frame them in frames from the dollar or discount store all in coordinating frames, or just do as my daughter did:
-Collect garage sale frames
-Spray paint all the same color
-Create a coordinated look
These will be tucked in to the garland down the middle of the table. It will be fun to look back at how everyone has changed and grown… great conversation.

Now for the base I will use a 9′ green pine garland and wire on the fall garland and red berry garland. Ribbon and mesh are gathered and it is time to start decorating. ( This look also works on a side table or mantel)

Enjoy your turkey day as we enjoy ours!

All we need now is the Turkey and family!

Green pine garland, sunflower garland and red/burgundy berry garland

Framed photographs from around the house

Gather your materials to start decorating!

The rolled mesh makes a great table runner, copper ribbon for a bow. Learn how to tie a bow http://www.bowapp.showmedecorating.com $0.99 app for iPhone or iPad! Closeup of finished table!



A place setting is not complete without the napkin! Here I used a curtain ring clip and rolled a dish towel up as my napkin!
( purchased in a package @Walmart)
The place card was clipped on with a name or you could have thankful messages written!

Happy Decorating Y’all!

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