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Show Mom Some Love!

What is it you want for Mother’s Day?

If you ask my boys, in unison they’ll say “NO FIGHTING!” Yes, I would love a day without the bickering that goes on in the house of four boys but what I really treasure are those gifts that come from their hearts or hands! So for this Mother’s Day I’m giving a picture created by Samuel, my youngest, that was in our Young Master’s Art Show. I know my mom and my mother-in-law will treasure it always!

Samuel (eight years old) below his masterpiece 'Family is Love'

Color copy I made (the original is framed and hanging in my room!)

I love black frames with a simple matte & outlined in a corresponding color.

The Creation Matted & Framed

I’ve gathered my materials to wrap it up in style. Shiny red paper, lime green tulle, a spring print, and a coordinating stripe.

All Ready to wrap it all up!

I tie the tulle in a Four-Loop bow

Tying my bow...

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Now I layer the other two on top. The spring print is a double loop then I tied the stripe across it for tails.

More Bows!

All done and ready to pack and mail. I’ve added a recent picture of the boys and I with my mom and dad.


Sometimes we try to go over board with the cost of a gift but those that are really treasured is something with a little thought and time. I bought the matte and frame at Hobby Lobby and the ribbon came out of my stash I try to keep on hand. My mom will love this!
Happy Mother’s Day,
Jennifer Sharrick
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