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Show Me Happy Halloween Party!

The house is decorated and now it is time for a party and Trick or Treaters!!!

I wanted to share pictures of my Halloween house decorations!

Welcome to my home!

I love pumpkins and mums because they do double duty! I enjoy them for Halloween all the way thru to Thanksgiving! I decided to create a pumpkin patch in my flower beds and left my mums in pots and added the pumpkins in with the plants left over from summer.

My wacky witch wreath on the front door!

Welcome trick or treaters! I am more fun than scary. I love the pop of Black and White!

My fireplace before

My Fireplace after

The orange pumpkins glow on the mantel with their foil finish! notice the same candle sticks and orange candles? Not everything has to change out! I love double duty decorating!

My piano top is a great place to showcase my smiling pumpkins!

My chandelier is spooked up with Black glitter garland, witches arms and a big black spider!

Rebecca adds a table runner to be the base for the Dept. 56 Halloween Village display

Now the fun begins with the spooky set up! Base to add height.

Rebecca gets started

We use 2 houses, trees, and accessories to create a spooky scene!

Rebecca checks lights & mechanical pieces to be sure all is in working order as she sets up!

We have Fog, and the set up continues

Rebecca loves her Halloween Dept. 56 village! especially the foggy base.

A favorite spot to view the spooky village!

Now we are ready for a party, or should I say parties! Once I am decorated I will host multiple parties, and get double even triple duty from my decorations! Tables, chairs, serving pieces are all ready so let the party begin…….

We are dressed for the occasion!

Fun simple food is the way to go! So many ideas from Pinterest, Woman’s Day, Better Homes and Gardens, TomKat Studios and the list goes on and on! I chose a chili bar with all the fixins!

Check out the next blog for the party food!

Happy Decorating y’all!

Remember, Christmas is creeping up! Be ready, let us help!


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Show Me Some Flip Flops & Flamingos!

What says Summertime better than Flip Flops ? (or thongs like we used to call them! Ha!)

I was ready to change to an all out Summer Time wreath. So while perusing the isles @hobbylobbystore, I spied flip flops in every color and they were on sale!

Flip Flop sale!

So I chose pairs in different sizes and colors for interest and variety. Next I purchased a plain grapevine ($5.99 a great inexpensive base) and decided to spray paint it a bright green. (This color would pop off my dark brown door)

Grapevine and spray paint

Tip: When spray painting objects it is best outdoors, and using an empty box allows the paint to have better coverage.

We like to use indoor/outdoor spray paint

Tip: A gloss fast drying spray paint works great!

Now gather all your materials

What goes better with Flip Flops than Flamingoes? Flamingos were purchased from Wally’s Party Store for about $15. When making a wreath I like to have variety of colors, patterns and sizes. I also have my stash of ribbon in a clear tub marked ‘Ribbon’ for easy access.

Tip to Recycle:

I recycle or reuse all those little or big pieces of ribbon, bows and trim from packages, gift bags etc. This is a great project to use up all those saved pieces!

Pink Bow is wired to left side of wreath

I tied a bow out of left over Christmas Ribbon from Rebecca’s tree and added a black and white polka dot ribbon tied across the middle.

Tip: If you need to know how to tie a bow you can learn how with our Show Me App for iPhone & iPad!

Get The Show Me Decorating App for iPhone & iPad

Back of flip flop with wire attached

Next I prepped all my flip flop pairs by attaching wire onto the back wrapped around the middle tab. This allowed me to wire the flip flops onto the wreath.

Flamingo with pipe cleaner legs

Brown pipe cleaner hot glued into leg holes.

Pair of flamingos attached

I placed one flamingo in the middle of the wreath and wired on with the pipecleaner legs (this won’t show after ribbon and flip flops are added. The other flamingo was attached with thin wire around the neck and one of the legs under the body.

I like to work with three focal points on wreaths:

One: The bow

Two & Three: The flamingos

The flip flops and ribbon will  be our supporting stars!

More flip flops wired on!

Dress up flip flops with ribbon tied on

Add assorted ribbon pieces tied on to grapevine

The More ribbon the merrier! I added a green bow (still tied from a package) to the neck on the flamingo to hide the wire. I let longer lengths of ribbon hang from the bottom of the wreath. Have fun mixing and matching with the ribbon, loop it through the grapevine and tie.

Summer is Welcome

Show Me some flip flops and flamingos and I will Show You a fun summer time wreath!

Show Me Decorating is here to Create, Inspire, Educate you and you go Decorate! (or entertain)

Happy Summer!

Becky McCraney


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