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Show Me a Day to Remember, Memorial Day

Show Me a Day to Remember….Memorial Day

Honoring the memory of Cooper C McCraney

Honoring the memory of Cooper C McCraney

Cooper Clinton McCraney

Cooper Clinton McCraney

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday which occurs every year on the final Monday of May.[1] Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.[2] Formerly known as Decoration Day, it originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. By the 20th century, Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who have died while in the military service.[

Mantel display honoring Cooper C McCraney

Mantel display honoring Cooper C McCraney

In honor of my father n law, who served during  World War II, I like to decorate the mantel with his picture, flag and certificate for service signed by Richard Nixon. I pull in other Patriotic pieces from my collection to coordinate and compliment the Red, White and Blue theme. It is a great teaching tool with the kids and grandkids. It is an opportunity to reflect on the lives of so many men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice and service to our country.

We are free today because so many have given so much.

The display is personal to Cooper, the photo is signed to Christine, yours always,Cooper

The display is personal to Cooper, the photo is signed to Christine, yours always, Cooper

The original Pearl larger beer actually belonged to Cooper and my husband has kept the unopened can as a remembrance.

Lady Liberty stands guard and Old Glory is proudly displayed.

So today as you fly your American Flag, say a thank you and remember all those who died for the sake of our freedom!

Happy Decorating y’all,


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Love is in the Air and Online!

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Lisa Frost heart banner

Lisa Frost Heart banner, available at http://www.showmedecorating.com

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and the team at Show Me Decorating has been working on several Valentine decorating ideas!  After wrapping up a successful Christmas season we looked around at the Christmas project we had done and were able to reuse lots of our product for Valentines.  If you’re like me, your house looks really strange after you take down your mantle and door decor.  Typically I wait a few weeks and throw up some Valentines but this year I decided I could simply just rearrange a few things from Christmas and get my Valentines stuff up.  The stores do it why can’t you.  I have included several ideas for your front door….

IMG_4217Simple grapevine oval wreath, love sign, fake flowers and FABULOUS wired ribbon.

(#hobbylobby and www.showmedecorating.com)


Red, lit tinsel wreath with bow! www.showmedeorating.com


Add a personalized painted letter….

Or if you’re looking to go over the top add our 3 main ingredients: BALLS, FLORAL and RIBBONIMG_4253

To carry the spirit of Valentines into the house I went with a more whimsical and slightly unconventional look.  I used a turquoise garland… Yes turquoise! This is a great way to go a little funky.


To create a different look from Christmas I swooped the garland over the corner of one side.


I made half bows with long tails.  I always browse through the dollar sections @target and found this awesome heart-felt garland that I cut and added to my ribbon.


Next add your variety of balls in color and size.


Lastly tuck in your florals! I decided on a purple Amaryllis flower and a red glittered Rosemary spray.  I just finish off the entire look I and added my @lisafrost banner.  You could have this look in your home by visiting www.showmedcorating.com

LOVE your decorating! Katy

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Show Me a Mantel Many Merry Ways…….

A mantel and fireplace are a great focal point to a family, living or game room. Garlands have long been the go to decorating choice for many decorators. Most green christmas garlands come in 9′ lengths and are a wonderful base to build on, prelit or unlit. Faux garland is great because it will not dry out and lose its needles, however before your family events or parties, tuck in some fresh greens for smell and freshness. Adding novelty garlands (usually 6′), florals, balls, and ribbon can add that special touch to your holiday decorating.

learn how to tie a bow www.bowapp.showmedecorating.com

When choosing a base garland look for Quality, (this garland can be used over and over), a strong base wire, bristle feel to greenery(a little stiffness signifies a heavier ply of vinyl and will have resilience to fluff out year to year) and strong wire in greenery tips.  You get what you pay for!

Quality garland ready to decorate

Probably the most asked question is how to hang or secure. Here are a few tips and tricks! There is no magic! It takes screws, hooks or nails. (Always check to see how your fireplace heats as to not damage or cause a fire hazard to your decorations!)

Wooden mantel: screw in tea-cup hooks at the back to attach wire to secure garlands, use a small nail with a head on it and hammer in molding to hold. If the mantel is painted paint screws or nails to match and leave in (no one will see!)

Rock, Stone or Marble (even thick wooden): use a c-clamp place garland and secure with clamp allowing greenery to work around to cover. you could even spray paint the color of your garland or mantel to camouflage!


The C-clamp holds garland secure

Beautiful mantel from Show Me Team in San Antonio!

Now we hope to inspire you with our Show Me Decorating Mantels…..

Rich and elegant

Fun Red, Green and lime green, oversized ornaments

Turquoise, animal print and peacocks!

Beautiful ornaments adorn the garland

Rich colors pop against the Austin stone

Something for a sweet tooth!

and the stockings were hung...

Pops of black and white, with red add a cheery note!

Understated, mission style mantel is complimented with colorful stockings, greenery, beautiful wreath and collection of nutcracker

Contemporary mantel allows garland to be worked in with existing decor and accented with Santa's and simple holiday decorations

No matter your style, taste or budget the mantel is a fun place to show off your holiday decorating talents……

Stockings can be hung with decorative stocking holders (heavy weighted ones are best), the garland itself, tea-cup hooks,@commandbrand, and how Santa chooses to fill will depend on whether you have you been Naughty or Nice!

we are nice to share with you our tips and techniques for only $2.99


No iPhone No iProblem! DVD and guidebook $19.95 free shipping


Happy Decorating Y’all,

Becky and Kathy

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