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“Show Me” the Candy! (For a Wedding!)

Wow who wouldn’t want to be a kid in a candy store?

Recently I was able to help a good friend create a Candy Bar for a wedding! What fun we had. The bride’s mom preordered candy from several websites all in blue, green, turquoise and white. (M&M’s, Jelly beans, Sour punch straws, gummy sharks and rock candy suckers to name a few.) This coordinated with the bride’s peacock color story and theme! Hope you all enjoy!

All the candy was ordered in green and blue

Blue and green M&M's ordered just for the candy bar!

We gathered up as many glass assorted containers as we could find. All different shapes and sizes, a wider opening is always good so a scoop can fit, and then we begin filling and layering! This is not a perfect science and as you will see when it is all put together, it’s fun and beautiful!

It helps to have two hands!

Layered candy looks best! Closeup of rock candy.

Yum! Finished candy bar looks good enough to eat!

The table was skirted in a white table-cloth, white cord Christmas lights were layed on the table top and covered with sheer white, green and turquoise fabric from Hancock Fabrics.
Filled glass containers and vases were artfully arranged with the fabric draped in and out. The lights gave a shimmering glow.

Starting to arrange all the filled jars.

Clear bags for guest to fill with candy.

“Thank you for sharing in Our Sweet Beginning” was printed on the labels with green and blue twist ties provided to seal the filled bag of goodies!

Clear bags with blue or green twist ties

As a finishing touch, narrow green and blue satin ribbon was tied on the necks of many of the containers. Fun giant jawbreakers topped the M&M’s. Blue and green ring pops gave a nod to the newly exchanged wedding rings, and gummy sharks swam in a sea of jelly beans in honor of the grooms love of fishing!

Scoops and tongs topped off the jars ready for guest to enjoy.

Finished Candy bar!

The beautiful reception, decorated and ready for a celebration. The theme and color story of peacocks pops against the black table cloths and chair covers!

Show Me some of your candy bar ideas!

Create …Inspire…. Educate …..and Go Decorate

the Show Me Decorating Way!


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