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How-To Halloween Garland

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Trick or treats? “How to” Halloween garland for Miss Cayce’s front entrance!

Everyone feels like a kid when Halloween rolls around! What was your favorite candy to receive? Did you ever get the wax coke bottles filled with a liquid treat?

or how about the wax lips and teeth?

Did you know whose house gave out the best candy?

If you love Halloween and decorating as we do you, you will love this simple, easy, step by step garland used on our front entrance at Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store in Midland, Texas, home to Show Me Decorating!

We hope you enjoy decorating and cooler fall weather. Watch as we transform this garland to fall and Christmas, in upcoming post!

Smiling pumpkin welcomes visitors! Happy Halloween!

Start off with a good quality garland, shape out the branches for a full look

Attaching the garland is easy if you have installed permanent screws in your brick, metal or wood door facing

After green garland is secure, add lime green mesh, bow loops in the middle and single loops in the corners, secure with wire and greenery

2nd and 3rd rolls of mesh added, big loops and tail on each side of doorway
Designer tip: each step should be able to stand alone!

Mesh comes on a roll (different quality and price are available at the retail level). check for good weight and texture to insure it will hold up in inclement weather. best source:

Using the greenery branches, secure the mesh by twisting like a twist tie

Wire on #Dollar Store pumpkin buckets, great focal point   low-cost!

Get the most bang for your buck with a pop of Black and white! use wire to secure to garland. Ribbon is available on our website.

Betty, drills a small hole in lollipop sticks to secure to garland with a florist wire, this step is optional

Remember the  designer tip? Your design must look complete after each step. You could stop here and celebrate Halloween and add more next year!

Next step is to add 8″ balls as supporting focal points. Glitter polka dots add a whimsical touch to the Hot pink, lime green and turquoise!

The next step is to add large candy lollipops (2 sizes and mixture of colors)! available on our website  www.showmedecorating.com

Bright colored candy lollipops and balls add a Halloween treat!

Add the finishing touch with smaller (4″ and 6″) colored balls and sprigs of candy corn picks and it’s done! How many items can we keep for Fall and or Christmas?
Now its time for the fall weather to cool off!

Measure your doorway or entrance to determine how many 9′ (normal length) faux green garlands you will need. Lighted garland with colored lights added in, would add a spooky Halloween touch! Secure garland and leave up to decorate for Halloween, Fall/Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Learn to tie a bow and decorate your Christmas tree, www.app.ShowMeDecorating.com just $2.99 Enjoy tips and techniques, How to and new ideas when you sign up for the news you can use!

Happy Decorating y’all,

Becky  and Kathy

the Christmas Decorating Experts


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