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Show Me Bright, Fun, Flip Flops and a pop of Black and White

Show Me Bright, Fun, Flip-Flops and a pop of Black and White

So bright you might need shades!

What says summer better than Flip Flops or (thongs as we called them in high school)?

I love color and I love, love black and white, and mixing together is triple love.

I also love to repurpose, reuse and recycle my decorating decor.

Hop on in...everyone is welcome!

Hop on in…everyone is welcome!

I took my Easter/Spring wreath, removed the easter focal points and eggs and now I have a great base for my summer flip-flop wreath.

Repurpose and reuse Easter/Spring wreath base

Repurpose and reuse Easter/Spring wreath base

Gather your ingredients:

wreath base


flip-flops (Hobby Lobby) in assorted colors

Assorted wired ribbon in bright fun colors to coordinate with flip flops!

Assorted wired ribbon in bright fun colors to coordinate with flip-flops!

At $1.59 a pair, I bought extra to make some fun flip-flops with my granddaughter, Emma!

Next match up ribbon with flip-flops and cut in lengths, about 1 yd to 1 1/2 yds.

 1 Pink flip flop tied with orange paisley wired ribbon.

1 Pink flip-flop tied with orange paisley wired ribbon.

Take length of ribbon and tie onto wreath base

Take length of ribbon and tie onto wreath base

Ribbon tied on ready to add 2nd flip flop

Ribbon tied on ready to add 2nd flip-flop

2nd flip flop tied on

2nd flip-flop tied on

Now continue the process of cutting length of ribbon and tying onto 1st flip-flop till all are complete.

P1050411 P1050412Now attach additional pairs of flip-flops to your wreath base. I chose to stagger the pairs and hung last pair lower on bottom of wreath.

3 pairs of flip flops tied on to wreath base

3 pairs of flip-flops tied on to wreath base

Final pair of flip flops tied on

Final pair of flip-flops tied on

Burlap wired ribbon will add the finishing touch!

Burlap wired ribbon will add the finishing touch!

Now I can flip flop into summer entertaining!

Now I can flip-flop into summer entertaining!

I love the whimsical relaxed look of this wreath!

So I think I will put on my thongs…Flip-flops and head to the pool for some sun!

Happy Decorating y’all,

Becky and Kathy

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Show Me Summer Time Seashells and Celebrations

Show Me Summer Time Seashells and Celebrations

Show Me Sells Seashells by the Seashore….or should I say decorates with seashells…..

Summertime brings on lazy days, boat outings on the lake, travel, walks on the beach, family reunions and weddings!

I have two ideas involving seashells, flip flops, wreaths and the all important ingredient….. Ribbon

We recently set sail on the Carnival cruise ship the Magic! What an incredible trip with our daughter Rebecca and her best friend of all times to celebrate their 15th birthday’s!

Jena and Rebecca celebrated their birthday's with a dolphin ride in Cozumel, Mexico

Jena and Rebecca celebrated their birthday’s with a dolphin ride in Cozumel, Mexico

We love the sand, the sea and the beautiful blue of the Caribbean water!

Maya Key, Isla Roatan Honduras

Maya Key, Isla Roatan Honduras

While on our trip I collected a few seashells, rocks and coral that had washed up on the shore. Since this is a favorite of mine I have a glass jar in my bathroom filled from many of our trips. However it was full and while shopping at Hobby Lobby I spotted 50% off glass jars with lids and snagged one! It is perfect and as you can see and it still has plenty of room for more shells so I can take more trips!

Seashells Show off in a Glass Jar

Seashells Show off in a Glass Jar

Now I love decor that can do double duty, and since our son Will recently proposed and Susan accepted I have wedding planning on my mind.

Will and Susan

Will and Susan

We have been discussing parties, engagement celebrations, wedding decorations and reception centerpieces and I had an

ah ha moment!

I could dress up this glass jar for a warm, inviting, summertime engagement celebration!

The theme is established: seaside

List of ingredients:

Glass Jar: Hobby Lobby

Seashells collected or purchased at craft stores



Ribbon selection and twister grass wreath

Ribbon selection and twister grass wreath

I have a choice to go with a more rustic elegant look, touch of burlap, more mono chromatic or bright, fun with a touch of black and white!!

Who wants to see both?

1st option: Rustic Elegance

Glass Jar with twister grass wreath

Glass Jar with twister grass wreath

Closeup,rustic elegant seaside centerpiece

Closeup,rustic elegant seaside centerpiece

Glass jar and twister grass wreath ready for ribbon

Glass jar and twister grass wreath ready for ribbon

Burlap wired ribbon with a Caribbean blue edge is perfect!

Burlap wired ribbon with a Caribbean blue edge is perfect!

Tie bow and add a longer tail to work around the wreath

Tie bow and add a longer tail to work around the wreath

Simple, classic, rustic elegance

Simple, classic, rustic elegance

Great centerpiece for a beach party

Great centerpiece for a beach party

Wired ribbon bow, burlap with turquoise blue edge

Wired ribbon bow, burlap with turquoise blue edge

I want to add a table runner to extend the centerpiece down the middle of my table, there are several options: purchase a table runner to coordinate, use a length of material or mesh. I think I will opt for the mesh because it is light and breezy!

I need to add a welcoming front door piece and the Glory Haus Happily Ever After burlee is it,

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

Just add a bow to coordinate and create a great 1st impression for your guest! (gift to the engaged couple to decorate their new home!)and personalize with wedding date!

Next post…..Option 2: Bright Fun with a touch of Black and White!

Happy Decorating y’all,

Becky and Kathy

check out ShowMeDecorating for your key ingredients and more DIY

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Show Me Pallets …transformation …Mother’s Day surprise!

Pallets, pallets, pallets! Have you pinned a pallet transformation? We have, there are so many great ideas and we just had to share what Kathy’s son-in-law Josh created for her daughter while she was away in Midland celebrating Mother’s day. Amanda had collected some pallets from a friend and made a suggestion to Josh for her Mother’s day present! So Josh did what all good husbands do, he went to work!

To quote Josh….

“The transformation of a piece o”!xo#@6%x” pallet to a….uh….I guess a nice little piece of patio table. …….I amaze my self sometimes! Happy mothers day!!”



Pallets collected for a pallet transformation

Pallets collected for a pallet transformation

Do you see a piece of furniture? Josh must have the ability of a stone carver to see a patio table for Amanda is this junky wood!

Step one, dismantle pallets

Step one, dismantle pallets

Determine size, width, height, and began planning out the table legs, braces and table top

Table is assembled from pallet wood

Table is assembled from pallet wood

Stain you pallet project to allow the variety of wood colors to be enhanced.

Stain you pallet project to allow the variety of wood colors to be enhanced.

Finished pallet patio table!

One of our favorite finishes is a “Wipe On poly” available at Lowes
Follow directions on product .
The table would also look great painted your favorite color, distress it with sanding and then finish with a coat of swipe on poly !
Next time you see that pallet being thrown away, look close because it could be your next…???????
Happy Decorating y’all,
Kathy and Becky
Thanks Amanda and Josh for sharing your project!
Need some inspiration?



Fun painted pallets

Great site for ideas

Great site for ideas

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Show Me some mother’s love…..

Mother’s show love at so many times….. for their husbands, kiddos and family! We wanted to share with you a Mother’s treat that Amanda and her kids made to show some love to their Grana (Kathy) and Great Grandmother (Betty).

Kaydin shows Grana some love!

Kaydin shows Grana some love!

Have fun….Amanda, Kaydin and Layla,

Take this time together to teach your children about who they are making the presents for!

Here is a list of supplies that you will need:

Flower pots (hobby lobby and Walmart)
Acrylic paint (hobby lobby)
Foam Paint brushes (hobby lobby)
Painters tape (lowes)
Potting soil (lowes)
Plants (lowes)
****And lots of patience ……………..

Layla loves to paint!

Layla loves to paint!

We chose a variety of sizes and shapes, some were just $1!

We chose a variety of sizes and shapes, some were just $1!

Kaydin was super serious about his painting!

Kaydin was super serious about his painting!

Paper plates for paint colors

1. Tape of flower pots in design you want, stripes, checks, zigzags
2. Squirt one color at a time for kids to use on paper plates, put on an old t-shirt to protect clothing and cover the table or surface with a plastic drop cloth or table cloth
3. Let kids have fun and paint the un-taped parts, step back and let them have fun
4. Let dry for couple of hours, a blow dryer will speed up drying time
5. Remove tape and then tape the already painted parts
6. give pots back to kids and finish painting
7. Let dry and remove all tape.

8. now it is time to make it personal with hand prints and flowers (made with thumbprints!)

Grana’s favorite summertime drink is a “Mint Mojito” so we planted with mint!

Kaydin shows Grana some love!

Kaydin shows Grana some love!

we love our Grana, she is special and always show us some love…….

love and kisses!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Amanda, Kaydin and Layla

Happy decorating y’all,

thanks Amanda for the guest post,

Kathy and Becky

PS show my Grana some love and visit her new online store……

love, Kaydin


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Show Mom how much you love her!

Show Mom how much you love her!

With Mother’s day approaching, our siblings have a tradition for our mom. A fresh spring cleaning and redo of her front porch! Kathy and I do all the work and Jennifer (Show Me Decorating San Antonio team) and Tim (our talented,woodworking, welding brother in Amarillo) participate by helping pay for all the goodies! We plant beautiful new flowers in her pots and front flower beds! We love to give her a great 1st Impression! Mom always tells everyone that she gave us all her creative talents. While she really does not lack for creativity, she is very happy to let her girls take over and do! We are truly the creative, independent, business women we are today because she always let us, encouraged us and allowed us to create, experiment, paint, wallpaper and redo our home as we grew up! So mom, this one is for you! Happy Mother’s Day!

"Finished" Front porch

“Finished” Front porch

 Mom's front porch "before"

Mom’s front porch “before”

 Pots "before"

Pots “before”

Lisa Frost  Flowers and Butterfly banner was our inspiration

Lisa Frost Flowers and Butterfly banner was our inspiration

 The front porch loaded with all the plants, pots and new doormat, let the work begin!

The front porch loaded with all the plants, pots and new doormat, let the work begin!

 New light fixture is installed

New light fixture is installed

When we assed the porch, we discovered that the current light fixture was too small and not the right proportion. Thank goodness Mark was on hand to assist with the electrical! We also took in to consideration when purchasing and planning the pots and plants, the sunlight that the porch receives. Hint “look at houses that face the direction yours does and duplicate the plants that are thriving. With our drought, the pots and flower beds closet to the front door are priority for color and impact. These can easily be maintained with hand watering. ( I collect water in containers in my shower to keep my entry beds watered)

 Ceramic pots are easy to maintain and do not allow the hardwater residue to collect on the outside of the pot as do the clay pots

Ceramic pots are easy to maintain and do not allow the hard water residue to collect on the outside of the pot as do the clay pots

Knock out Roses, geraniums, petunias and moss rose have been hits for this front porch. We matched the pots to the Lisa Frost Flowers and Butterfly banner and complimented them with flowers in red, yellow and purple.

A Knock out Rose was planted to the right of the doorway for color and balance with the other side.

A Knock out Rose was planted to the right of the doorway for color and balance with the other side.

The Texas A&M stepping stone matches the burgundy pots and shutters and adds interest to the flower bed. For more information on the Knock Out Roses, check out P. Allen Smith article on growing  Knock Out® Roses.

We purchased our supplies with one trip to Lowes!

We purchased our supplies with one trip to @Lowes!

The new porch light looks perfect and now to add a bench with pillows for comfort and color. We like to treat the front porch as a small outside room. Mom and Dad can enjoy their morning coffee or watch the grandkids play basketball!

Iron Bench adds seating and completes the outdoor room

Iron Bench adds seating and completes the outdoor room

"Finished" Front porch

Happy Mother’s Day!

Kathy made 1 final trip to @Hobby Lobby to find the perfect bench and pillows to complete our outdoor porch makeover! The butterfly garden stake is a compliment to our Lisa Frost Flowers and Butterfly banner! Come and enjoy a cup of coffee!


For your chance to win a lisA fRosT banner, leave a comment below about what your mom has taught you. Share with your friends for more chances to win! Drawing will be held on May 1, 2013 with a random drawing!

Winner get’s to pick a banner for their mom or for themselves…

Mom's Day, Mother's Day, lisAfRosT,



top 10 ideas for creating a great 1st Impression!

Clean and trim up the yard, trees and flowerbeds, keep well maintained.

Spruce up the front door with a fresh coat of paint.

replace the door’s hardware and kick plate

replace worn light fixtures and update with a finish that matches new hardware

Place a new welcome mat at the front door

pots of flowers or plants

clean your windows to sparkle and shine

place new house numbers in clear sight


Happy decorating Y’all,

Becky and Kathy

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Show Me NEON, flashing color and standout from the crowd!

Everyone wants to Stand Out from the crowd! Show Me Decorating has spotted NEON everywhere and when paired with black it is an instant standout! Here we are at #Flavourconf @C3Ggirls Global Girls Dinner. Great chance to learn from other leaders in Women’s Ministry, sharing fun event ideas and decorations!

Alta Lynn is showing off our fun name tags made with scrape book paper in fun shapes cut out with a @OfficialCricut @MichaelsStores and black chalk board paper , name in white to look like chalk and embellished with scrapbook stickers @hobbylobbystore! Checkout the centerpieces, White wire lamp shades, all sizes, NEON bulbs, (the Theme was Shine Your Light) and a neon charger filled with chocolate covered strawberries and cookies. The plate was accented with fresh NEON daisies, presentation, presentation, it’s all about presentation that elevates the simple to spectacular! Way to go Flavour Sisterhood!

Hanging in the trees, were wooden needle point hoops, with NEON and bright-colored strips of fabric, ribbon and lace tied on. The were great because they used the same color tones on each hoop, green several shades and textures, orange etc. This block of color really stood out versus mixing the colors. They also swayed with the breeze and that extra ambience. The black table cloths were the perfect background for the NEON colors to POP! We each had a favor at our place setting, a bright-colored Chinese take out box with NEON colored fortune cookies! We just love treats! Thankyou #flavourconf #sisterhood, @LisaYoungFC

This could even be a fun Graduation Party!

I love Black and White and when you pair it with NEON, well look out! This dance costume won “Best Costume” at the http://www.facebook.com/StageOneDance competition in Austin! The dance was “Tea Party” @Kerlimusic and had a whimsical Alice in Wonderland feeling, complete with a @Courtly Check  #MacKenzie Child teapot.

The Black sparkly hat just topped off the costume, green stretchy sequins ribbon was sewn just right, to slip on and was a great base to hot glue the piece of pink netting ribbon, Black and White polka dot ribbon @offray ribbon, large felt flowers, NEON chenille stems and pom poms @MichaelsStores and accented with a yellow feather! I can just imagine a Christmas Tree with these hats, fun bows, Big balls, crazy florals and teapots! www.ShowMeDecorating.com

We Show You how to decorate on our “How To” app at www.app.showmedecorating.com just $2.99

The fashion industry has also included NEON this year, paring with grey, black, and more. Check out the @Get_Bolt shirt, who wouldn’t want their logo to stand out from the crowd?

Kathy and Becky  pop against @RockStarSystem Craig Duswalt black clothing and are a sure standout for Show Me Decorating!

Be on the look out for flashing colors in NEON and show us how you stand out from the crowd!

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Happy decorating Y’all,

Becky and Kathy

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Show Me Some “Almost Free” Graduation Centerpieces!

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I can’t believe it has been a year since Will graduated from high school! He has enjoyed a successful year at the University of Texas, Hook’em! When I have been out and about, friends, customers and acquaintances have asked me for ideas on graduation centerpieces. That is why I wanted to share with you what I have done and hope that it will spark some ideas for you and your graduate!

The philosophy behind “Show Me Decorating” is to create (for you), inspire (you), educate (you) and (you) decorate. with that in mind we like to start with a theme or color story. In this case I built my theme around Will and his interest, diving and graduating! It was fun combining the Lee marron with the Texas burnt orange! (almost like oil and water, or Aggies and Longhorns! Ha!) I used an iron boy that we purchased several years ago from Bed Bath and Beyond. He was intended for use in your garden, however we have dressed him and the iron girl, up in wedding attire, baby and birthday decorations for various showers and parties!


Close up of swimsuit, sammy, pictures

Dressing the iron boy

Gathering all my materials to start decorating

Because Will is a spring-board diver, I chose to dress the boy in an orange swimsuit and Will’s Lee dive suit. I also gathered up pictures of Will at different ages from my stash and the blue beach towel is my table runner! I love to use unconventional items.

Now it’s time to arrange all my stuff. I want to keep in mind that it will be seen from all sides, and to vary the height and size of items for interest.

I love how fresh greenery and flowers brighten a centerpiece. I stepped out into the yard and cut lengths of honeysuckle vine to drape, greenery from my shrubs, orange day lilies and some blooms from my maroon mum. I love it because they were basically free!

Finished centerpiece just waiting for the food.

The UT hat tops it off! It’s time to get the food out and let the party begin. I chose to make my “famous” Hawaiian sandwiches, yum, and Wills favorite cookie bar brownie! Chips and iced down drinks so I get to enjoy all the fun.

So the next time you need a centerpiece for your celebration, chose your theme or color story, look around your house and yard and create your very own unique and almost free centerpiece!
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Show Me a Great First Impression (2012)

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Show Me a Great First Impression

(takes a little elbow grease and great Spring Products from ShowMeDecorating.com)

Recently, we had the opportunity to do a segment on @San Antonio Living on creating a Springified front door. It was a ton of fun and there are several practical tips for you to get ready to Welcome your neighbors!

 Clean up first! Step back and look at what your friend will see when she’s coming to visit. Are there cobwebs, dead bugs(UGH), leaves? Get rid of them with a little sweeping!

I know, I know window cleaning-yuck! Luckily, it only has to be done a few times a year or in my case maybe once every few years. Sssh, don’t tell! I should do it more because I really do like it when the sun shines in from a little @Windex use!

Add, a cute front door mat. It will make you smile every time you open your door. This one is from @World Market and I loved the turquoise color. Have you noticed all of the Turquoise on Pinterest?

Do you Pinterest? We do! Follow us at http://pinterest.com/showmedecorate  Need an invitation-leave a comment below and we’ll send you one.

Add in a Cute Wreath for attention!

This one was made by our Show Me team in San Antonio. Don’t you love the Tangerine? Oprah says it’s the color of the year. The black and white polka dots really pop. We used great wired ribbon from @Reliant Ribbon and focal points – Welcome Sign and Watering Can from @Hobby Lobby. There are bows and half bows so make sure and go to http://www.bowapp.showmedecorating.com to learn how!

Now, we love permanent botanicals for our decorating, but for your pots and flower beds please, please, please, use real flowers and greenery. I love a touch of white because it shows up from the street. These pots are from @Lowes and are so light weight. You don’t need a bruiser to move them.

We’re ready for Spring! Are you?

Happy Decorating Y’all,


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Show Me another Cayce Grandbaby

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Show Me Another Grand Baby Nursery!

Better late than never! That’s what happens when a grand baby is born during Christmas season.

 I have had such a blessed year by gaining 2 new grand children; Layla Elizabeth in July and Barrett James in October.

My daughter Katy and her husband Ben decided to wait until the due date to find out what they were having.  In today’s time that could cause a lot of people stress when decorating the nursery. However, we enjoyed putting together a fun, colorful, gender neutral nursery.  We are spoiled with access to a fantastic children’s fabric store @Graham Kracker in Midland who carry a wide array of fabulous fabrics, and mae all the custom bedding and curtains.  In Show Me fashion you must first pick your theme/colors.

Check out  www.grahmkracker.com

Katy loved Orange and Turquoise with a mixture of fun prints! Coordinating with the rest of her house she picked stripes and floral prints.  She took the diamond fabric and had @SherwinWilliams match a paint color for the ceiling of the room.  Painting the ceiling a color is a great option when ther is alot of pattern/color in the room. Katy had to use her negotiating skills with Ben, but in the end he agreed and even did the painting!

Next, Katy chose to re-purpose a dresser that belonged to her dad, Jim as a kid. She chose to paint it turquoise.

To dull the old finish and prepare it to paint, a de-glosser or liquid sand is used. This is available at @HomeDepot or @Lowes. With a t-shirt rag wipe over all the surfaces with the de-glosser following the manufactures instructions. Paint the furniture with @delta Ceramcoat acrlylic paint available @HobbyLobby, or @Michaels.

Tip: After desired color is achieved, use a wipe on poly varnish which is easy to apply using a t-shirt rag, follow manufactures instructions. Apply several coats for maximum protection. Matt, semi-gloss and gloss finishes are available.

Katy has a very eclectic taste and enjoyed mixing all the fabric choices and colors to create the perfect bedding and room for the new baby (boy or girl)!

 What a fun room! The hand me down dresser sports a fresh coat of paint and the orange lamp adds a pop of color!

Re-using and repurposing an old piece of furniture is fun!

In addition to the crib bedding we also carried over the fabrics to the twin bed.

 I hope you enjoy getting a few new ideas for a nursery!

Barrett loves his room and his Granna for helping to make it happen the Show Me Decorating way!

He encourages everyone to get his Granna and Aunt Becky’s App $2.99


Happy Decorating Y’all!


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Show me the power of 3! Valentine Wreath Power Punch!

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Welcome to my home! Happy Valentines day!

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1st impressions, you only get one chance! We used the power of 3 on this fun valentine wreath! 3 large oversized focal points have a punch and balance! Now we show you how!

Gather all your supplies

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The Lisa Frost (@demdaco) puffy heart was the inspiration for the wreath, the sign from @Walmart is a Sandra Magsamen creation, compliments the color story, Red, pink with the pop of black and white! The message live, love, laugh is perfect for Valentines

Spray paint a grapevine wreath black for the base

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Ribbon! funky pink clear vinyl, fuzzy pink and red, and black and white polka dot@reliantribbon, the 4-6″ ribbon makes a statement

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Learn to tie a bow, http://www.app.showmedecorating.com $2.99! We created a bow with this fun combination of wired ribbon. Learning to tie bow opens the door to so many decorating projects!

Glitter, a girls got to have some!

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The fun pink flower spray was leftover from Christmas! After Christmas sales are a great place to find fun things to incorporate in seasonal and everyday decorating. The purpose of a theme and color story is to help you focus when you are looking for supplies for your project and narrow the options! We also love items that can be used for more than one purpose!

The Lisa Frost heart @demdaco(the inspiration) and the fun Sandra Magsamen Sign @livingartfully @walmart, are 2 of the focal points

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We wired on the canvas heart and the sign, now to balance the two we will add our bow! Learn how to tie a bow at http://www.bowapp.showmedecorating.com just $.99! The power of 3! Wired ribbon is best! @reliantribbon

The power of 3, adds balance to the wreath!, bow is wired on!

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Now the finishing touches, the glitter pink flowers will carry out our color story, red, pink and black and white! A couple of shatterproof red Christmas balls will add a little more red and both are wired on. (by wiring on instead of gluing, all the pieces can be taken off and reused next year in a different way, and it is easier to store)

The wreath is finished off with Funky sparkle pink flowers!

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Welcome to my home! Happy Valentines day!

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Everyone walking or driving by will see an inviting doorway! The power of the 1st impression! What does your doorway say?

We want to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day, spread some love and cheer to all those you come in contact with!

Create, Inspire, Educate to Decorate!

Happy decorating y’all,

Becky and Kathy

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Show Me Valentine Decorating in Lights!

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Dressed up lamp for Valentines day!

Love is in the air… at my house! One of my favorite days to decorate for, Valentines. In the entry way I dress up the lamp with a sheer wired ribbon wrapped around the shade and tie on the puffy heart tassel. (last year this heart was hanging from a shelf in the guest room!) I love to use items differently each year. I also arranged my heart printed bowl, cute heart boxes and antique valentines sprinkled in! This create a fun vignette to welcome my guest.

I love antique valentines, I also keep special ones the kids have made, and sprinkle them through out my decorating!

So in keeping with the Show Me Decorating steps :

Step 1.  pick a Theme or Celebration, Valentines day

Step 2. Color story, Red, pink and black

Step 3. Gather items that coordinate and support the theme and color story. Valentines, hearts, ribbon, serving pieces, heart boxes

Hint: I have big clear tubs, marked for the season or celebration, ie: Valentines, Easter/spring, Patriotic/4th of July, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas!!!! (lots of tubs for Christmas!) Some of my items do double and triple duty!

Check out our app, www.app.showmedecorating.com just $2.99

Now back to Valentines, so the chandeliers were jealous of the lamp being dressed so now it was their turn.

Before, waiting for decorations!

Cut lengths of ribbon and inexpensive paper hearts (@hobbylobby)

Yes, I do really decorate!

Red ribbon with a heavy wire is wrapped on chandelier arm, allowed to curl and light weight paper hearts are attached to the ends!

Bright red ribbon and hearts!

The kitchen chandelier gets dressed for the Valentine celebration

Now the Big Chandelier gets dressed!

The before, waiting to be dressed for the party!

I gathered up all my goodies, glitter hearts, glass hearts, big plastic hearts and ribbon

Big red hearts are added, tied with red sheer ribbon, hanging from the middle is a cut out paper glittered heart from @Michael's

Old World Christmas has the cutest conversation hearts, they are so cute hanging from sequined wire(also from Christmas)

What would life be with out Glitter! Thanks @hobbylobby for great selections and prices!

Use sheer red ribbon to tie on glittered hearts to chandelier arms!

Shiny, glitter, glass and sparkle!

This Chandelier hangs over my table for the party and will be the main centerpiece.

All lit up and ready for a party

The Lisa Frost (@demdaco)puffy heart was the inspiration for my color story, and I will show you next how it was used in my doorway wreath……..

Love is in the air……                                                                                                       

May you be inspired to create as we educate you to decorate!

Happy Decorating y’all!


Becky and Kathy

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Show Me Back to School


     It’s August and back to school is everywhere even though I’m trying to hold onto summer.  I really, really love summer!  The lazy days, time by the pool, hanging out at the lake, sleeping in…it’s way better than when school starts and my number one job is bus driver to our four boys to football, youth group, school, games, orchestra. (Especially, since the day starts out so early.)

     I do love one thing about back to school and it’s all the new stuff. Sharp pencils, fresh crayons, brand new watercolors, and a blank spiral ready to be written in just give me goose bumps.  To help get me motivated and get the boys excited about a new year, I love to change out my candle jars with lots of fun stuff. They’ve outgrown needing some things so it’s great to put them to use in a new way. If you don’t  own candle jars, any clear vase, jar or container can work too!

Empty Candle Jars just waiting to be Show Me'd

Gathered Back to School necessities

I used a ruler, flash cards, pencils, crayons, and markers to fill the candle jars. They provided different heights and lots of colors. The great thing was I had most things filling up a drawer and the other’s were extra supplies from Target.  So, I cleaned up too!

Now time for some bows

I used tulle ribbon and two different cute stripes/prints that I got at JoAnn’s Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. The tulle was a great base and by using several different ones each of my candle jars was unique but all went together.

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Ready for School!

Well, at least there is still 16 days until school starts!

What do you all think of back to school? Do you have favorite traditions?

Happy Decorating,



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