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Show Me How 2: Add a Smile with Sprinkles

Oreo Cookie Lollipops

Sprinkles and Smiles

Sprinkles and Smiles

Let me “Show You” a quick snack that is a winner with my grandkids. I love to have my grandkids over to make things, either a craft or something fun to eat. On Wednesday nights we go to KSG at Crestview in Midland where they enjoy crafts, bible study, and snacks! The kids take turns bringing the snacks, and this past Wednesday it was their Emma, Ethan, and Noah’s turn. 

Of course we cannot just take a pre-packaged snack, the kids want to create something! (I wonder where they get that?) They start pulling out the Sprinkles and here we go!

What you will need:

Candy melts, cookies and sprinkles

Candy melts, cookies and sprinkles

You’ll also need lollipop sticks or craft sticks.

Show me Decorating tip: keep candy melts and sprinkles on hand for a quick and easy food/craft project and everyone is happy!

Set up your supplies and get ready for fun

Set up your supplies and get ready for fun and smiles!

You can always adjust the color of the candy melts or sprinkles if you have a holiday or special event to celebrate. On this occasion we went with spring colors and Easter cello bags for packaging. There are a lot of great ideas on Pinterest for homemade snacks! Check out Craft-O-Maniac  and Eugenie Kitchen.

We used Oreos (double stuffed) and craft sticks to create cookie lollipops. I thought I had the lollipop sticks but Rebecca had used them in making cake pops! So we improvised with the craft sticks.

Noah (3yrs) loves to do it too!

Noah (3yrs) loves to do it too!

We started by separating the cookies, dipping the stick in the candy melt, placing it on the white filling and putting the cookie back together. Allow the cookie to set before dipping and decorating with sprinkles.

Follow the instructions on the candy melt packaging. Then let the kids dip and decorate! (Be careful the mixture is hot!)

These goodies solicit goofy smiles!

These goodies create goofy smiles!

Cookie pops are cute and fun!

Cookie pops are cute and fun!

Oreo cookie pops and Sugar wafers are a fun Spring decorated treat!

Oreo cookie pops and Sugar wafers are a fun Spring decorated treat!

Celo bags create our spring goodie bags

Cello bags create our spring goodie bags

I found these cute Easter cello bags at Walmart.

We shared our treats with our friends at church and then took some to cousins in San Antonio.

Barret was thrilled with his treat from his cousins!

Barret was thrilled with his treat from his cousins!

Yummy, just like mom Katy Barret loves a Oreo anytime of the day!

Yummy, just like mom Katy, Barret loves a Oreo anytime of the day!

What will you be serving for your Easter celebration?

Happy decorating y’all!

These 3 can be a crazy bunch!

These 3 can be a crazy bunch!

Creating memories is a wonderful opportunity as a Gram, and hands on activities are the best!

Create Inspire Educate to Decorate!

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Egg-tra Special Show Me Decorating!

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Celebrate Easter! Who knew you could decorate with plastic eggs and Easter grass? The common plastic Easter egg is filled with candy, hidden, found and placed in a basket with Easter grass, however we“Show You How” these inexpensive items can really add color to your Easter decorating!

Gathered Goodies

All the gathered goodies to choose from!

These rabbits and eggs are special and have been collected over many years. It takes me down memory lane thinking of my kids as they have grown up and now grandkids goodies are being added. The touch of silver comes from my collection of Author Court, the original Miss Cayce’s my grandmother, gave all the “girls” fun serving pieces, frames and accessories all in a bunny pattern, perfect to add to my Easter display! Now time to assemble our display. I started with Emma and Ethan helping to fill my candle jars with plastic eggs and Easter grass, you could also use clear vases or jars. These will become my main focal point and add height.

Look at all the eggs!

Emma’s jar!

The grandkids had a great time picking just the right color and size to fill their jars. We even found some small glitter eggs in bright colors at the Dollar Tree, and they filled in the nooks and crannies left by the bigger eggs. They are so proud of their creations! I enjoy including them in the decorating process and can even teach them their colors!

The striped ribbon is not wired but I loved how it pulled all the colors together. I took a length of ribbon and tied around the jar.I made my bow and used a twist tie (recycled) to hold it together. Lay bow on ribbon and tie a square to secure. Don’t know how to tie a bow? Learn how on theShow Me Decorating App for iPhone’s & iPadsGet the App Here! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/show-me-decorating/id386099720?mt=8

The short candle jar looks cute with a bunny in place of the candle and the taller jars shows off some of my favorite bunnies!

We love sharing our creative ideas that inspire you, educate you “how to” and then you are the Decorator!

Celebrate Easter!

Becky McCraney

Owners Kathy & Becky

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