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Show Me a Tween tree…upside down?

Rebecca's tree..... upside down or inverted?

A tween is considered a girl ages about 9-14…too old for toys, but too young for boys….follows fashion trends (@urbandictionary), so how do you decorate their room for Christmas? An upside down tree? It is actually called an inverted tree, and what better way to let them express themselves and their style than on a tree!

Rebecca followed the Show Me Decorating steps www.app.showmedecorating.com

A theme and color story




Check out Rebecca’s You Tube videos where she demonstrates on the upside down tree that is an inverted tree. The inverted tree is made with the shorter branches attached to the pole at the bottom and branches get longer as they are progress up the pole. It comes with a stand similar to any faux tree stand and can sit on the floor. She chose a simple look by placing the tree in an oversized tree ornament stand. The Rest of the steps at the bottom :)…

Angled view of tree!

Fun colors, textures and finishes make for an interesting tree

Glitter pink flower sprays,and blue chenille curls are funky florals used in this tree!

Peace, Love and Christmas!

Who is ready to decorate? We want to help and Show You How!



Our Show Me Decorating apps, find all the basic steps, tips and techniques to get started!

Rebecca is definitely leaning towards a teenager and her decorating changes every year. Enjoy last years tree…..notice some of the same decorations?

Rebecca used a 4 1/2 white tree, elevated on a colorful box for her tree a year ago!

The bright colors really pop against the white tree!

Rebecca's Tree compliments her room! She can sit and wait on Santa!

Hummm…I wonder what is in store for 2011???? any guesses? a wall tree above her new bed?

Check into see….

Happy Decorating y’all,

Becky and Kathy

No iPhone? No problem get the DVD and guidebook at www.CayceChristmasStore.com

Show Me Decorating
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Show Me a Tree for Kids Rooms

A frequently asked question: “What are fun ways to decorate my child’s room without breaking the bank?”

Use items your child loves to decorate a small tree in their room.

For a boy, use those Trophies that are collecting dust on the shelf or a favorite collection of baseball gear.

Perfect for a little boy's room

Dump trucks, baseballs and bats!

Paxton filled a glass jar with baseballs and a sporty Santa stands next to his favorite trophies! His prized and worn red high top sneekers and baseball cleets are wired on in pairs along with a baseball glove to the tree. The sporty ribbon, red balls and glitter sprays coordinate his sports theme! Let us show you how www.app.showmedecorating.com

Paxton's winning baseball team's cap shows off as a tree topper!

For a Girl, you could decorate with ballet shoes, cherished dolls or teddy bears.

Tie in the decorations to their room’s decor by coordinating the colors of ribbon, balls and floral sprays.

It will be easy to do with the “Recipe for Holiday Tree Trimming”   $2.99 app www.app.showmedecorating.com

or the $19.95 DVD and guidebook at www.CayceChristmasStore.com

Little girls love dance and dolls and tea parties!

In Libby’s room a small potted tree was used, she even had a favorite tutu that was placed around the base of the tree. the bows, balls and florals all matched her room and showed off her collection of tea sets, baby shoes, favorite stuffed animals and dance shoes! All of the memorabilia was wired on with floral wire. A miniature table set for tea graced the childs table and Santa is ready for tea and cookies!

Libby is all set for a tea party!

Libby serves her doll some tea!

Paxton and Libby’s mom had a collection of treasures stored away in boxes. Now the treasures can be enjoyed by all through the holiday season!

Happy decorating yall!

Becky and Kathy

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