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It’s a Good Day to Celebrate Everyday

At The Round Top Collection and Miss Cayce's we believe celebration is a state of mind. We recognize and revel all of life’s special little moments. 


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Show Me some mother’s love…..

Mother’s show love at so many times….. for their husbands, kiddos and family! We wanted to share with you a Mother’s treat that Amanda and her kids made to show some love to their Grana (Kathy) and Great Grandmother (Betty).

Kaydin shows Grana some love!

Kaydin shows Grana some love!

Have fun….Amanda, Kaydin and Layla,

Take this time together to teach your children about who they are making the presents for!

Here is a list of supplies that you will need:

Flower pots (hobby lobby and Walmart)
Acrylic paint (hobby lobby)
Foam Paint brushes (hobby lobby)
Painters tape (lowes)
Potting soil (lowes)
Plants (lowes)
****And lots of patience ……………..

Layla loves to paint!

Layla loves to paint!

We chose a variety of sizes and shapes, some were just $1!

We chose a variety of sizes and shapes, some were just $1!

Kaydin was super serious about his painting!

Kaydin was super serious about his painting!

Paper plates for paint colors

1. Tape of flower pots in design you want, stripes, checks, zigzags
2. Squirt one color at a time for kids to use on paper plates, put on an old t-shirt to protect clothing and cover the table or surface with a plastic drop cloth or table cloth
3. Let kids have fun and paint the un-taped parts, step back and let them have fun
4. Let dry for couple of hours, a blow dryer will speed up drying time
5. Remove tape and then tape the already painted parts
6. give pots back to kids and finish painting
7. Let dry and remove all tape.

8. now it is time to make it personal with hand prints and flowers (made with thumbprints!)

Grana’s favorite summertime drink is a “Mint Mojito” so we planted with mint!

Kaydin shows Grana some love!

Kaydin shows Grana some love!

we love our Grana, she is special and always show us some love…….

love and kisses!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Amanda, Kaydin and Layla

Happy decorating y’all,

thanks Amanda for the guest post,

Kathy and Becky

PS show my Grana some love and visit her new online store……

love, Kaydin


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12 Days of Gift Ideas …..for yourself or someone else

12 Days of Gift Ideas …..for yourself or someone else!

12 Days of Gift Ideas .....for yourself or someone else

12 Days of Gift Ideas …..for yourself or someone else

Happy gift buying y’all,

Kathy and Becky

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Show Mom Some Love!

What is it you want for Mother’s Day?

If you ask my boys, in unison they’ll say “NO FIGHTING!” Yes, I would love a day without the bickering that goes on in the house of four boys but what I really treasure are those gifts that come from their hearts or hands! So for this Mother’s Day I’m giving a picture created by Samuel, my youngest, that was in our Young Master’s Art Show. I know my mom and my mother-in-law will treasure it always!

Samuel (eight years old) below his masterpiece 'Family is Love'

Color copy I made (the original is framed and hanging in my room!)

I love black frames with a simple matte & outlined in a corresponding color.

The Creation Matted & Framed

I’ve gathered my materials to wrap it up in style. Shiny red paper, lime green tulle, a spring print, and a coordinating stripe.

All Ready to wrap it all up!

I tie the tulle in a Four-Loop bow

Tying my bow...

Quick Tip!

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Now I layer the other two on top. The spring print is a double loop then I tied the stripe across it for tails.

More Bows!

All done and ready to pack and mail. I’ve added a recent picture of the boys and I with my mom and dad.


Sometimes we try to go over board with the cost of a gift but those that are really treasured is something with a little thought and time. I bought the matte and frame at Hobby Lobby and the ribbon came out of my stash I try to keep on hand. My mom will love this!
Happy Mother’s Day,
Jennifer Sharrick
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