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Valentines Day Show Me Style!

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The piano top was chosen to display the Valentine decorations.


Happy Valentines Day! It’s one of my favorite holidays to decorate and celebrate. Maybe it’s because my birthday is February 12, and my husband has to double up on gifts, or the main color is red and it is my favorite! No matter what the reason a house decorated is a happy home. I love to use the top of our piano because everyone coming in my front door can see it. (hint, pick a spot to change out seasonally that is very visible and the whole house appears decorated, great for busy families)

start with a clear candle jar or vase

Emma gets started filling a clear candle jar.

Emma fills the clear candle jar (any clear glass container will work) Plastic (Christmas balls in pink and red) make great filler!

Pink and red balls are the ultimate Valentine colors! Candy Conversation hearts add a pop of multi color! (easy and inexpensive)

Ready to add some Ribbon!

Ribbon on the top of the candle jar adds a finishing touch!

Knowing how to tie a bow gives you the confidence to decorate for so many celebrations and events!

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Emma had fun with the gel stickers on the back door while I finished up the candle jars and top of the piano!

It is fun to involve the kids or grandkids in the creative process! Great time to spend together and fun to let them express themselves!

Sheer red ribbon adds the finishing touch to the candle jars, a candle tops the tall one and a big red heart tops the small one!

Love is in the air! Family pictures, antique valentines, and a collection of all things hearts!

Now its time to decorate my front door and Welcome my friends and family to my Birthday party…….

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Show Me Happy Halloween Party!

The house is decorated and now it is time for a party and Trick or Treaters!!!

I wanted to share pictures of my Halloween house decorations!

Welcome to my home!

I love pumpkins and mums because they do double duty! I enjoy them for Halloween all the way thru to Thanksgiving! I decided to create a pumpkin patch in my flower beds and left my mums in pots and added the pumpkins in with the plants left over from summer.

My wacky witch wreath on the front door!

Welcome trick or treaters! I am more fun than scary. I love the pop of Black and White!

My fireplace before

My Fireplace after

The orange pumpkins glow on the mantel with their foil finish! notice the same candle sticks and orange candles? Not everything has to change out! I love double duty decorating!

My piano top is a great place to showcase my smiling pumpkins!

My chandelier is spooked up with Black glitter garland, witches arms and a big black spider!

Rebecca adds a table runner to be the base for the Dept. 56 Halloween Village display

Now the fun begins with the spooky set up! Base to add height.

Rebecca gets started

We use 2 houses, trees, and accessories to create a spooky scene!

Rebecca checks lights & mechanical pieces to be sure all is in working order as she sets up!

We have Fog, and the set up continues

Rebecca loves her Halloween Dept. 56 village! especially the foggy base.

A favorite spot to view the spooky village!

Now we are ready for a party, or should I say parties! Once I am decorated I will host multiple parties, and get double even triple duty from my decorations! Tables, chairs, serving pieces are all ready so let the party begin…….

We are dressed for the occasion!

Fun simple food is the way to go! So many ideas from Pinterest, Woman’s Day, Better Homes and Gardens, TomKat Studios and the list goes on and on! I chose a chili bar with all the fixins!

Check out the next blog for the party food!

Happy Decorating y’all!

Remember, Christmas is creeping up! Be ready, let us help!


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Show Me a Frightfully Fun Halloween Garland!

Welcome Trick or Treaters!

The Before!

Green garland and black garland add ons


shape garland and check lights

Garland fluffed and shaped!

Use greenery twisted over black garlands

Black Leaf garland and branch added on

hang garland around door, secured to screws

Start by wiring on Balls in varied sizes and colors

Wire on large focal points

added largest focal in corners

add in ribbon and glitter floral

Ribbon and glitter floral

Wreaths that match are added to complete the doorway!

Need help decorating? Check out our app for iphones and ipads!


Happy Decorating Yall!

Becky and Kathy

Special thanks to Our designer Georgeann for the Fun instructions, the Show Me Decorating Team, and Mindy for a fabulous doorway!

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Show Me Fall Colors and Cooler Weather

As the hot summer slowly fades it will be none to soon…….

As Summer fades, we must say goodbye to these summer decorations.

Show Me Fall Colors and Cooler weather!

How do you create a Welcoming doorway no matter what the season?

Step 1: CLEAN, save the cob webs for Halloween, sweep down the nooks and crannies, wipe off the front door, clean your windows, and don’t forget the light fixtures (eeek mine were full of bugs!)

Step 2: Freshen your bench or chair with new pillows ( mine are from @Bhg @Walmart) my bench takes 3 chair seats and I added fun throw pillows, all made for the outdoors) The summer ones are bagged @spacebag and stored in the attic til spring.

The Fall colored cushions pop against the white bench and make for comfy seating while I watch the grandkids ride their bikes!

Fall colored Pillows are perfect to usher in the cooler weather, mixing solids with patterns keeps it interesting! @bhg

Step 3: Change out your dated light fixtures (@Lowes, for less than $150 for 2 we updated the wall sconces from faded brass to a rusted iron)

Step 4: Repaint the front door or touch up the scratches and scrapes, polish your doorknobs and kick plate.

Step 5: Add a new Welcome mat! (or at least hose off the old one)

Step 6: Decorate for the Season! Add a wreath on the front door or side wall, bows and greenery attached to the light sconces, a festive yard stake to potted plants and a fabulous Lisa Frost fall banner!

Welcome Fall, cooler weather, friends and family!

Step 7: Stand back and enjoy! (or check out your neighbors and help her out)

Everyone has a doorway but not everyone’s says” Welcome!”

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Take a premade wreath on a wire base, slip over light sconce and add ribbon for a festive touch. Cut the wreath if necessary

Lisa Frost canvas banner coordinates with the pumpkin stake, wreath and pillows on the bench for a completed look! Lisa Frost appearance Oct. 6th @MissCayce

Round Top metal pumpkin with purple and lime green dots! I love the way the green sweet potato vine pops against the orange

Try adding this color of green to freshen up your fall decorating!

My bench with fall cushions, new fall wreath on the front door, notice the lime green berries that coordinate with my color scheme!

It has been said…..you have just 7 seconds to make a good first impression……let Show Me Decorating show you how to make the most out of your Doorway’s first impression!

Pick a theme: FALL

Color story: Burgundy, gold, lime green, orange and rust

Ribbon: tie bows, learn how on the Show Me Decorating app


Create a Wreath: learn from the News You Can Use Section when you subscribe on the app


Happy Decorating Y’all

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“Show Me” a May Day basket!

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers!Well not in West Texas this year. We are in a total drought, yet I am still longing for some spring flowers. As I begin planning a spring wreath for my front door, I first went in search of a premade wreath with the ivy and flowers already attached. What I found was not big enough!

Pre-made wreaths

So while shopping I recalled the idea of a “May Basket” and begin to search for a “basket” for my front door! I love to improvise or repurpose an item for a different use than originally intended.

Metal wire basket with lining

Here is what I found on my shopping trip. This wire wall basket is used for brick walls or fences with growing plants, ivies or flowers. It was the perfect size to fit my door.
Hint ( know what size your door is before you go shopping)
Next because of our drought situation and not wanting to water plants on my front door I opted for the next best thing, permanent greens. As you can see there were lots to choose from! So how do you decide you may ask? I wanted ivy and trailing greens as realistic as possible and I also wanted two different plants to incorporate. The small needlepoint ivy and a trailing begonia ivy fit my look. Many of the greens were too shiny and plastic while these were very realistic!

Checking out the ivy and greenery

Next I wanted some spring color and decided on Pink Gerber daisies, orange marigolds, dogwood branches and a small yellow filler flower.
(Hint, I will repeat these colors in my closest flower beds and it will fool the passerby into thinking it is all real!)

Spring flowers add a pop of color

Now its time to assemble. I start by layering green styrofoam, gluing with hot glue the first piece to the bottom lining. I then cut and layered two more pieces glueing in between with hot glue. This will secure the arrangement with the door opening and closing and our crazy West Texas wind!

Wire wall basket filled with styrofoam

Now for the greenery, I cut the main stem and insert into the styrofoam, placing one on the left and one to the right. I did add hot glue before pressing into the styrofoam.

Greenery in wire basket

I spread out the ivy stems and shaped as needed.
(Hint: The great thing about wired product you can shape it and it stays in place!)
This is even pretty with just the greenery, but it’s spring and I want to add my flowers. I purchased them in groups of three and cut the stems as needed and added a touch of hot glue before pressing into the styrofoam.

Spring flowers in all my favorite colors.

The great thing about this arrangement is it is free-flowing and natural looking! Easy to do. I did group the Gerber daisies because they grow that way. The dogwood was very long so I was able to cut it in half and use in more places. The pop of white will show from the street.

Cute wooden welcome sign

This cute birdie will welcome all the guest who come to the door! I decided to take the ‘Welcome’ off and use the bird tied to the lower half of the basket and then wired the welcome sign at the top! Don’t be afraid to remake something to fit your design!

Welcome to my home!

So while West Texas prays for May showersI will welcome all who come to visit with my “May Basket.” Show us your Spring wreath or May Basket!

Becky McCraney

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