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Show Me Some Creative Summer Time Fun!

It all starts with “I want to make something (it’s 9pm) what can I do, I am bored!”

That is what happened on a Thursday evening with my 13 year old Rebecca. As we searched around we located a blank canvas (bought on sale at Hobby Lobby) and then we pulled out our stash of scrapbook paper (also from Hobby Lobby). Gotta love that store (and their sales!) and decided with the half jar of Modge Podge we could create a fun canvas for her new room she is decorating! The square canvas was the exact size of the square scrapbook paper that looked as though it was hand painted in orange and dry brushed with pink.

Rebecca decided to create flowers by tearing shapes, round and oval and layering different patterns of paper to create a bohemian flower pattern. She also decided to copy one of her music sheets from Piano titled “Believe”. The contrast of the black and white music against the orange was beautiful.

Step 1. Rebecca gathers all her materials!

She painted the canvas with Modge Podge and then laid on the orange paper and smoothed out any air bubbles. Next she painted the area for the sheet music (laying it on an angle) smoothed out the air bubbles and painted the entire top with Modge Podge.

Flowers are next.

Tip: She drew her shapes on the back of the paper with a pencil and then tore them out using the pencil marks as a guideline.

2. Flower layers, with torn edges

Tip: After deciding on paper, background, shapes, color story or theme, layout the design before gluing down.

3. Laying out the design

4. Modge Podge the background layers

5. Layers of 1st flower

6. Modge Podge layers of flower

7. Brush on top coat of Modge Podge

8. Additional torn flowers and leaves are Modge Podged on

After the canvas dried over night, she dry brushed black acrylic paint on the edges to give a finished look and signed her name! Now to decorating her room!

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