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Show Me NEON, flashing color and standout from the crowd!

Everyone wants to Stand Out from the crowd! Show Me Decorating has spotted NEON everywhere and when paired with black it is an instant standout! Here we are at #Flavourconf @C3Ggirls Global Girls Dinner. Great chance to learn from other leaders in Women’s Ministry, sharing fun event ideas and decorations!

Alta Lynn is showing off our fun name tags made with scrape book paper in fun shapes cut out with a @OfficialCricut @MichaelsStores and black chalk board paper , name in white to look like chalk and embellished with scrapbook stickers @hobbylobbystore! Checkout the centerpieces, White wire lamp shades, all sizes, NEON bulbs, (the Theme was Shine Your Light) and a neon charger filled with chocolate covered strawberries and cookies. The plate was accented with fresh NEON daisies, presentation, presentation, it’s all about presentation that elevates the simple to spectacular! Way to go Flavour Sisterhood!

Hanging in the trees, were wooden needle point hoops, with NEON and bright-colored strips of fabric, ribbon and lace tied on. The were great because they used the same color tones on each hoop, green several shades and textures, orange etc. This block of color really stood out versus mixing the colors. They also swayed with the breeze and that extra ambience. The black table cloths were the perfect background for the NEON colors to POP! We each had a favor at our place setting, a bright-colored Chinese take out box with NEON colored fortune cookies! We just love treats! Thankyou #flavourconf #sisterhood, @LisaYoungFC

This could even be a fun Graduation Party!

I love Black and White and when you pair it with NEON, well look out! This dance costume won “Best Costume” at the http://www.facebook.com/StageOneDance competition in Austin! The dance was “Tea Party” @Kerlimusic and had a whimsical Alice in Wonderland feeling, complete with a @Courtly Check  #MacKenzie Child teapot.

The Black sparkly hat just topped off the costume, green stretchy sequins ribbon was sewn just right, to slip on and was a great base to hot glue the piece of pink netting ribbon, Black and White polka dot ribbon @offray ribbon, large felt flowers, NEON chenille stems and pom poms @MichaelsStores and accented with a yellow feather! I can just imagine a Christmas Tree with these hats, fun bows, Big balls, crazy florals and teapots! www.ShowMeDecorating.com

We Show You how to decorate on our “How To” app at www.app.showmedecorating.com just $2.99

The fashion industry has also included NEON this year, paring with grey, black, and more. Check out the @Get_Bolt shirt, who wouldn’t want their logo to stand out from the crowd?

Kathy and Becky  pop against @RockStarSystem Craig Duswalt black clothing and are a sure standout for Show Me Decorating!

Be on the look out for flashing colors in NEON and show us how you stand out from the crowd!

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Happy decorating Y’all,

Becky and Kathy

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