Miss Cayce's Christmas / Father's Day

Show Me a Great DAD!

We will “Show You”our great DAD and you can show us yours! (post to our Facebook wall, tweet us @misscayce or @showmedecorate or leave a comment at the bottom!)

And to celebrate get our app for the iPhone and iPad for $0.99 this weekend only!


Kathy, Dad (Clarence), Mom (Betty) and Becky

We decided to reach back in our archives of pictures to share with you a favorite! Our dad, Clarence Murray is one of our biggest supporters, along with our mom of course! We started out many of our creative projects and entrepreneurial ventures with our dad. Dad would bring us home a big refrigerator box and from there we created our first store in the front yard, selling candy and goodies to the neighborhood kids. He helped to buy the supplies when we made burlap flowers and sold them door to door. Many times it was working in his shop where he always Showed us how to use the jigsaw, drill press, table saw or sander . With his help we had our first booth at a craft fair selling wooden key chains, decopaged plaques and Holly Hobbie cutouts all made in the shop! Dad always took the time to Show us how to do things, and then gave us the freedom to create.

Our Show Me Decorating philosophy stems from this upbringing. To create a beautiful Store (Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store), inspire others, educate them how to, and then they go out and decorate. His entrepreneurial spirit encouraged us to venture out and share our expertise through our “Show Me Decorating” app.

We would not be where we are today without the love and support of our dad (and mom), and we want to say thanks Dad for washing windows the morning the store was to open, making mantels (even ones we painted lime green) all the many shelving displays, hanging slatwall, carrying boxes to be recycled and all the many things you have done to support us as your daughters, business women and encouraged our creative souls!

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