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Harvest…. 1st impressions at the Harrison’s

Harvest…. 1st impressions at the Harrison’s

The front porch and or the front door is a great place to make a good seasonal first impression.  Does your doorway, entranceway or front porch make a great 1st impression? Will you welcome in the cooler crisp air of fall?

An easy fall door design is with a teardrop.

Personalized teardrop is perfect for a fall door decor!

Personalized teardrop is perfect for a fall door decor!

It is as easy as 1,2,3! Show Me Decorating Fall door decor DIY!

Faux pine teardrop, and a fall foliage teardop form the base

Faux pine teardrop, and a fall foliage teardrop form the base


Fall foliage teardrop, half bow,and metal personalized pumpkin.

Personalizing the focal point is a special touch. a vinyl “H” is added to a metal pumpkin. Wired ribbon makes a half bow easy!

Wired ribbon makes an easy half bow.

Wired ribbon makes an easy half bow.

Place the Faux fall teardrop onto the green  pine teardrop and twist pine over fall teardrop, working in and out. Add the metal pumpkin and half bows! Welcome!

Faux pine teardrop and fall foliage teardrop are wired together fall doorway decor.

DIY fall doorway decor.

Now it is time to add the focal point. A personalized metal pumpkin works with the personal fall decorating theme. Add the two half bows and done!

Welcome fall! Show Me Decorating DIY

Welcome fall! Show Me Decorating DIY

A teardrop is a great base for multiple holiday door decor!

Happy Fall decorating y’all!

Becky & Kathy

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Love is in the Air and Online!

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Lisa Frost heart banner

Lisa Frost Heart banner, available at http://www.showmedecorating.com

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and the team at Show Me Decorating has been working on several Valentine decorating ideas!  After wrapping up a successful Christmas season we looked around at the Christmas project we had done and were able to reuse lots of our product for Valentines.  If you’re like me, your house looks really strange after you take down your mantle and door decor.  Typically I wait a few weeks and throw up some Valentines but this year I decided I could simply just rearrange a few things from Christmas and get my Valentines stuff up.  The stores do it why can’t you.  I have included several ideas for your front door….

IMG_4217Simple grapevine oval wreath, love sign, fake flowers and FABULOUS wired ribbon.

(#hobbylobby and www.showmedecorating.com)


Red, lit tinsel wreath with bow! www.showmedeorating.com


Add a personalized painted letter….

Or if you’re looking to go over the top add our 3 main ingredients: BALLS, FLORAL and RIBBONIMG_4253

To carry the spirit of Valentines into the house I went with a more whimsical and slightly unconventional look.  I used a turquoise garland… Yes turquoise! This is a great way to go a little funky.


To create a different look from Christmas I swooped the garland over the corner of one side.


I made half bows with long tails.  I always browse through the dollar sections @target and found this awesome heart-felt garland that I cut and added to my ribbon.


Next add your variety of balls in color and size.


Lastly tuck in your florals! I decided on a purple Amaryllis flower and a red glittered Rosemary spray.  I just finish off the entire look I and added my @lisafrost banner.  You could have this look in your home by visiting www.showmedcorating.com

LOVE your decorating! Katy

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