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Show Me A Wreath for all Celebrations

Show Me A Wreath for all Celebrations….

Alyssa and Tyler are newly married, with great taste and style.

Alyssa and Tyler are newly married, with great taste and style.

Black tinsel wreath leaps from one season to a holiday to a celebration in a few simple changes. The value of quality ingredients as been a lesson well learned by our own Alyssa. She shared with us how she has repurposed her wreath base, ribbon and balls to celebrate 4th of July, Halloween, and Valentines day. Now her neighbors are lining up, wanting to place an order!

Show Me A Wreath for all Celebrationsfourthmemorial


Red Tinsel wreath leaps from Season to Season and celebration to Holiday!Alyssa has learned the 1,2,3 of a great wreath,

Quality base

Wired ribbon

Focal point

Notice the items that she used the same in each wreath. She invested in the Black wreath base, bolt of black and white chevron ribbon, and some red balls.

Alyssa said she realized the quality of ingredients when she reused each time and it all still looked brand new. As newly married, with limited funds but the desire to decorate, she has found the perfect solution, repurpose and reuse!

From the looks of her wreaths she learned it well.

Way to go Alyssa, thanks for sharing!

Happy Decorating y’all,

Becky and Kathy

for all your holiday decorating key, quality ingredients visit


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Show Me a Graduation Picnic in the Park

 Show Me a Graduation Picnic in the Park……

The honoree, Coby, who is now a Tech Red Raider!

The honoree, Coby, who is now a Tech Red Raider!

When planning a party or celebration the Show Me Decorating team starts with a theme and color story. For this event, the picnic in the park was celebrating graduation, and the future university Coby is attending, Texas Tech. So with this in mind the color story revolved around Red and Black!

We could have also chosen the high school colors for Robert E Lee, maroon and white!

We choose a park in close driving distance from the high school and arrived early to secure some shade. We provided our own table, with blankets and quilts for the kids to eat and relax on.

We visited the Show Me Decorating online store for items to support our theme and color story!

We gathered up serving pieces, table cloths, trays and baskets in Red, Black and White

We gathered up serving pieces, table cloths, trays and baskets in Red, Black and White

Fun Canvas, great for a dorm room door, shelf or wreath for the mom's front door!

Fun Canvas, great for a dorm room door, shelf or wreath for the mom’s front door!

This fun canvas was great tied onto the basket we planned to hold packaged chips!

Gathered goodies ready for a picnic in the park!

Gathered goodies ready for a picnic in the park!

Wreck'em tech!  Glory Haus large football Burlee

Wreck’em tech! Glory Haus large football Burlee

Now that the location is set, the theme and color story are planned, its time to pick the menu.

Some of the criteria for a picnic in the park during high school open lunch.

Easy pick up food, no utensils needed, no drippy messes, no melting stickiness, simple to eat, and of course yummy for even the pickiest eaters!

Menu: Hawaiian Sandwiches, chips, brownie bites, cookies, and small bakery cakes.

A cooler was fixed with iced down water and Dr. Pepper

Red plates and napkins

One of our go to recipes is the Hawaiian Sandwich. Our dear friend Debbie created these for the Lee baseball team when they headed out on road trips. We have adapted it to fit our own personal taste. We also love to fix these at the lake to take out on the boat!

Key ingredients for the Hawaiian Sandwiches, Kings Hawaiian bread, mayo, honey mustard, colby jack chess, pepper jack chess, honey mesquite ham, and peppered turkey breast. Lettuce, tomatoes and avocado are optional.

Key ingredients for the Hawaiian Sandwiches, Kings Hawaiian bread, mayo, honey mustard, colby jack cheese, pepper jack chess, honey mesquite ham, and peppered turkey breast. Lettuce, tomatoes and avocado are optional.

Gather all your ingredients and assemble.

Assembling the Hawaiian sandwiches

Assembling the Hawaiian sandwiches

Remove bread from wrapper , cut top off with a serrated bread knife, put bottom back in pan. Add a scoop of mayo and a squirt or two of honey mustard and spread on each side. (there are different variations to dress your sandwiches, however this is my families favorite) Next layer top half with colby jack cheese and bottom half with pepper jack cheese, covering with layer of cheese. Add a layer of ham to colby jack  side and turkey to the pepper jack side then put together. Press down with your hand, slice in eight slices like a pie and place back in the wrapper securing with the bag tie. Store in the refrigerator until ready to serve. These are best made the night before.

Lettuce, tomatoes and avocados are optional. It is best to add these right before serving so the sandwich is not soggy and people can choose to add if they like.

Sliced avocados, lettuce and tomatoes are optional.

Sliced avocados, lettuce and tomatoes are optional.

Curly letter is pretty peeking out!

Curly letter is pretty peeking out!

Packaged and ready to go!

Packaged and ready to go!

Table set up is complete!

Table set up is complete!

Colby loves his Glory Haus Texas Tech football burlee.

Colby loves his Glory Haus Texas Tech football burlee.

It is personal, all his friends signed the back of the football for Colby!

It is personal, all his friends signed the back of the football for Colby!

Happy Decorating Y’all,

Becky and Kathy

Picnic Party Pics!

Coby and Friends!

Coby and Friends!

Coby and mom Eva (one of Miss Cayce's fabulous designe)rs!

Coby and mom Eva (one of Miss Cayce’s fabulous designers!)

Friends enjoying lunch!

Friends enjoying lunch!

Graduation Picnic in the Park!

Graduation Picnic in the Park!

Beautiful Day for a Graduation picnic!

Beautiful Day for a Graduation picnic!

The Graduating senior and his new college Texas Tech!

The Graduating senior and his new college Texas Tech!

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Show Me some mother’s love…..

Mother’s show love at so many times….. for their husbands, kiddos and family! We wanted to share with you a Mother’s treat that Amanda and her kids made to show some love to their Grana (Kathy) and Great Grandmother (Betty).

Kaydin shows Grana some love!

Kaydin shows Grana some love!

Have fun….Amanda, Kaydin and Layla,

Take this time together to teach your children about who they are making the presents for!

Here is a list of supplies that you will need:

Flower pots (hobby lobby and Walmart)
Acrylic paint (hobby lobby)
Foam Paint brushes (hobby lobby)
Painters tape (lowes)
Potting soil (lowes)
Plants (lowes)
****And lots of patience ……………..

Layla loves to paint!

Layla loves to paint!

We chose a variety of sizes and shapes, some were just $1!

We chose a variety of sizes and shapes, some were just $1!

Kaydin was super serious about his painting!

Kaydin was super serious about his painting!

Paper plates for paint colors

1. Tape of flower pots in design you want, stripes, checks, zigzags
2. Squirt one color at a time for kids to use on paper plates, put on an old t-shirt to protect clothing and cover the table or surface with a plastic drop cloth or table cloth
3. Let kids have fun and paint the un-taped parts, step back and let them have fun
4. Let dry for couple of hours, a blow dryer will speed up drying time
5. Remove tape and then tape the already painted parts
6. give pots back to kids and finish painting
7. Let dry and remove all tape.

8. now it is time to make it personal with hand prints and flowers (made with thumbprints!)

Grana’s favorite summertime drink is a “Mint Mojito” so we planted with mint!

Kaydin shows Grana some love!

Kaydin shows Grana some love!

we love our Grana, she is special and always show us some love…….

love and kisses!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Amanda, Kaydin and Layla

Happy decorating y’all,

thanks Amanda for the guest post,

Kathy and Becky

PS show my Grana some love and visit her new online store……

love, Kaydin


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Fiesta Table Decorations- Quick DIY

Fiesta Table Decorations- Quick DIY

Teacher/staff appreciation Lunch in the Library!

 Fiesta Table Decorations

DIY, Centerpiece, Fiesta, Tablescape, Daisy, Flowers

Colorful display

Theme: Fiesta Taco Bar

Why-Teacher and Staff appreciation lunch in the library


Layer 2 pieces of different colored tissue, turned at angles so corners show

Paper, multi color, Fiesta, Centerpiece, DIY, Tablescape

Fiesta is all about the color!

Place on top of a cut piece of cellophane

Place pot in the middle

Gather up cello, tissue and place a rubber and to hold in places

Rubber bands to secure cellophane and tissue paper

Rubber bands to secure cellophane and tissue paper

Make a Raffia bow with 2 colors of Raffia by looping back and forth till full and then tie a separate piece of Raffia around the middle to hold in place

curly ribbon, cheap decorations, DIY, Fiesta, Tablescape

Curly raffia for color and shape

Curly Ribbon, Bow, Fiesta, Centerpiece, DIY, Tablescape

Curly Rafia bow

Cut a small piece of floral wire and wrap one end around to make a pick to poke in dirt

Cut a length of raffia and tie around pot leaving tails long enough to trail onto table !

floral, daisy's, Fiesta, tablescape, DIY, centerpiece

Mix of colors and textures say VIVA FIESTA!

Centerpiece, Fiesta, DIY, Tablescape, Daisy, Flowers

Centerpiece, Fiesta, DIY, Tablescape, Daisy, Flowers

Happy Teachers = Happy School

Happy Teachers = Happy School


@Walmart pot plant gerber daisy looked best

Bright colored tissue


Rubber bands

Raffia ribbon

Florist wire

Love fiesta colors because everything goes!

Viva fiesta!

Fiesta, centerpiece, tablescape, Daisy

Step by step pictures

Fiesta, Cinco De Mayo, Gerber Daisy, Multi colored, Centerpiece, Tablescape

Fiesta Colors

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Lisa Frost and Show Me Decorating DIY for Easter!

Lisa Frost and Show Me Decorating DIY for Easter!

Hop into a Frosty Spring! Guest Lisa Frost with the Show Me Decorating Experts

Lisa Frost….talented artist & designer shares her story in art! Her happy heart is translated thru her hands, to her brush and onto the canvas to spread her Frosty cheer throughout the land!

learn all about Lisa and her Art at


Follow her blog for more DIY Spring and Easter!

 Lisa Frost DIY table for Easter

Lisa Frost DIY table for Easter. Her working studio is located in her home for the family to enjoy!

DIY ideas in this photo…

1. Magnetic silk Flowers attached to table runners,

shop for silk flowers in 3 sizes, small, medium and large (Variety in size and color add interest)

next cut the stem off with wire cutters

plug in your GG (Lisa’s nickname for her Glue Gun), and glue positive magnet to flower back

now attach to your table runner with another magnet

2. Jelly Bean Centerpiece

WOW your family and friends with this EASY DIY Centerpiece! Here is what you will need:

1. Tall glass cylinder

2. Branch, spray painted white

3. Internal poster-board cylinder.

I created it by eyeballing the size I would need! I rolled up a piece of poster board and measured the diameter I would need by placing it inside of the glass (that’s what I call “eyeballing”). I noted the space needed for the jelly beans to fill in around it! Marked the size with a pencil. 4. Plugged in my GG…(hot glue gun). Glued the poster board into a cylinder and stuffed the cylinder with florist foam, added the tree branch and stuffed it with newspaper. 5. Set the paper cylinder inside of the glass. 6. Separated the jelly beans by color… 7. Arranged them by color… 8. Layered them inside… 9. Ta-da!!!!

Happy Easter… xox lisA

[…] http://www.lisAfRosTstudio.com

3. Ostrich Eggs with monograms!

Easter eggs decorated with food writer

Easter eggs decorated with edible food writers

Edible Color Markers are a great way to decorate eggs… Lisa’s tips

1. use a pattern in one color and repeat over entire egg

2. use small, medium and large patterns for interest

3. fill a basket

great DIY for any age

Thank you Lisa Frost for sharing!

Follow us on Pinterest, Facebook and our Blog for more Easter and Spring DIY

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Happy Decorating yall,

Kathy and Becky

the Show Me Decorating Experts

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The Luck of The Irish (2012 Revamp)

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What a fun way to Welcome Spring and spread some “Luck” to all who passby……

Be sure to go to www.ShowMeDecorating.com to see all the Green St. Patty’s Day products! Click on Colors then Green..

A door swag or teardrop is a great alternative to a wreath! The pop of Zebra black and white ribbon adds an unexpected touch!

Need to learn to tie a bow? Check out the Show me decorating app for the ipad or iphone, $2.99


A green piece of fabric is the grounding for this tablescape.

Happy St. Patricks Day! a touch of Zebra is carried out in the daisy flower!

One of our “newest” designers has been a quick study of all things Show Me Decorating!

Remember the Show Me Decorating steps:

1.Pick a theme: Holiday (Christmas, Easter, Madigras) or Celebration (Graduation, baby shower, wedding)

2.Choose a color story, this allows you to narrow your choices and focus

3.Gather your materials, look around your house and repurpose everyday items (all red dishes for Valentines day, pastel containers or baskets for Easter)

4. Pick a focal spot, an area where everyone will enjoy (top of a buffet, shelf in a bookcase, fireplace mantel, entry table)

5. Create a welcome doorway and offer a great 1st impression

Follow us on Pinterest… need an invite? email us at Social@showmedecorating.com

St. Paddy’s Day is a Day to Have FUN

Treat the kids to a few GREEN treats

Becky will turn her kids Milk green what a surprise!

Here’s a cute idea from Pinterest-

St. Paddy's Day

Leprechaun Lunch from Pinterest

Go see the step by step from Bloom by Design at  http://bit.ly/XEgiuC

Or for your little Leprechauns’ how about a little bit of GOLD…

Lil Pot of Gold from poppiesatplay.blogs...

Lil Pot of Gold from

Here’s wishing you a Pot of Gold at the End of Your Rainbow!

Create, Inspire, Educate, Decorate…..

Happy Decorating yall!

Becky and Kathy

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Sneak peak and How To…





Find out Monday March 4!


Lisa Frost Bunny Banner

Lisa Frost Bunny Banner


Fabulous Spring Ribbon! @ShowMeDecorate

Fabulous Spring Ribbon!


Lime Fir Wreath! @ShowMeDecorate

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It’s Spring! The weather is warming, the wildflowers are blooming. Treat your guests and yourself to a warm welcome with a Spring Wreath for your front door!

You have lots of theme’s to choose from for Spring-bright colors, flowers, watering cans, bunnies, eggs, or your family initial!

We’ve chosen “Spring has Sprung” with a grapevine wreath, blooms of bright colors, a Tangerine Welcome Sign, and always, always, always great wired ribbon.

Spring Base

Always touch and shape each flower. GeorgAnn, @MissCayce ‘s Designer, says ” Each flower has a face !” Love that.

Get a Spring Wreath already ready for you to decorate from www.ShowMeDecorating.com

Bright Flower Wreath only $36.99

Spring Flower Wreath from Adam's and Co, easter

20″ Bright Flower Wreath perfect for spring, Easter, and summer!

Add a focal point

Find items you like-signs, ribbon, flowers and place in a triangle. Our Tangerine Welcome sign is from @HobbyLobby. Have you noticed all of the bright orange this year?

Fabulous, never before seen Focal Points from www.ShowMeDecorating.com

Vibrant Metal Hanging Flower $16.99

Metal hanging flower door entryway doorway

The metal hanging flower is perfect for any focal point! Only $16.99

Happiness is the Air sign only $7.99

Happiness is in the Air sign focal point wreath door doorway entryway

Happiness is in the Air! Another great focal point from http://www.ShowMeDecorating.com

Bloom Where You Are Planted sign $7.99

Bloom where you are planted sign Adams & Co spring easter door doorway

Bloom where you are Planted sign makes a great focal point or just hang it on the front of your door!

Happy Easter Assorted signs $24.99

Happy Easter signs spring bunny rabbit, chicken egg

Happy Easter Assorted signs for all around the home!

9″ S-P-R-I-N-G Wood Letters $41.99

Spring and easter wood blocks

Spring Block Letters to work into a wreath as your focal point. Wire in each letter!

Black and white polka dot give it a pop!

Tie bows and loop bows in print and since it’s spring use a solid mesh or a shear. Add in pops of color-we used colored balls for additional textures and shape.

Great Ribbon Selection just for Spring & Easter at www.ShowMeDecorating.com

Spring Easter Ribbon

Great ribbon selected for you just for Spring!

Glitter Scrolls Black & White $29.99

Glitter Black & White Scrolls Wired Ribbon

Glitter Black & White Scrolls Wired Ribbon

Happy Decorating Y’all!

Jennifer Sharrick

Show Me Decorating

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A Warm Welcome with Wreaths!

Tues. July 10th, 11:00 EST,

A Warm Welcome with Wreaths…

Merry Christmas in July on the “Show Me Decorating Radio Show“!!

Listen to the Podcast on iTunes if you missed it Live!

Wreath Front Doorway Christmas

Creating a warm and inviting entranceway begins with your front door! A Christmas wreath is a common icon during the holiday season. Have you ever asked yourself why? Where did the tradition of decorating with a wreath come from and is there a spiritual meaning? When we are filled with questions the 1st place to search is……. Google of course! Here is what we discovered.

Christmas Wreath

Its Meaning, History and Types

One of the most popular holiday decorations is the Christmas Wreath. You will see Christmas Wreaths used in many different ways and in many different settings. It is common to see them on the stairway, hanging on walls or doors, or even as a centerpiece on a table. From individual homes to large corporate offices, Christmas Wreaths are a pleasant sight throughout the holiday season.

What is the Meaning of the Christmas Wreath? The term “Wreath”, curiously enough, is linked to our word “Wrist”, with both terms forming a continuous physical circular shape. It also came from Middle English’s “wrethe”, meaning a twisted band or ring of leaves or flowers in a garland.

Wreaths have been used symbolically for centuries. The circle or ring shape is symbolic of eternity or eternal life, because the shape has no beginning or end. Read more http://www.holidaydecorations.com/Christmas-Wreath.html

 Wreath Making by Georgeann Walton

Show Me Decorating Wreath Mark Robert's fairy Christmas

Designer, artist and creator extrodinaire!

Georageann Walton grew up in Stanton Texas….always drawing and crafting from the start with a wonderful grandmother who was creative herself….and a great teacher …learned to sew and played with clay…..whatever interested her…..they went and got the supplies….! Georgeann loved her “MiMi” and it was always a good day when she got notebook paper and a new box of crayons!

She went to the Art Institute in Dallas Texas in the 80’s for graphic design… worked at Arnold’s of Dallas….a mom and pop store like the chain hobby and craft stores now…in fact she said those people come in to check out Arnold’s several times …really a store before it’s time! She learned lots there!

She continues to share her talents at Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store, designing, teaching and training!

 Georgeanns tips on making your own wreath!

Pick your theme or color story, Santa’s, angels, nutcrackers, snowmen, or match your home décor with colors that coordinate or compliment

Determine the style: whimsical, dressy or country etc.

Where is your wreath going: outside (will it be protected from the elements or exposed) or inside

Show Me Decorating wreath & mantel Christmas

Shop for good quality products:

1. Start with a quality base, a well made wreath with good wired branches

2. Ribbon with wired edges will hold its shape, quality fabric

3.Florals that are made well…..Georgeann likes to give ’em the shake test before she purchases them….to make sure they will withstand a little wind! She also learned that every flower has a face, turn and shape it. Florals can give projection and dimension

4. Filler items that coordinate and support the theme or color story, ornaments, balls or decorations

Georgeann always wants to tell a story when making a wreath….it’s part of the fun for her…..and she usually starts with a focal point….not just a little something…but something with some size (everything is bigger in Texas)….remember most of the time if you are putting this on your front door….you want people to see it from the street….so say you wanna do a Santa wreath….pick one that’s 10- 12 inches or so…..or bigger……another trick she uses and it seems to always be a favorite is she puts in a sign….it helps tell the story and gives your guests a little greeting when they approach your door…..so think about what would Santa a say…..maybe you could find a Ho Ho Ho sign…..or for sure a Merry Christmas……also look for ribbon that helps complete your look…. other fillers to add interest…..berries…..flowers……maybe some toy ornaments or package ornaments…..the sky is the limit……she always gathers things up in a basket…..if your things look good in the basket…..they will look great and work on your wreath!

As far as construction you will need a few items to make things easy….good scissors, wire cutters….floral wire…. glue gun

Putting your wreath together- ALWAYS fluff your wreath……it’s been crammed in a box…..give it a face lift before you decorate it!……..Sometimes and especially when she first began she would kinda lay her product on the wreath to see the best placement for the items…..think of your wreath like a big clock….say we are doing a Santa theme wreath…..maybe you would put your Santa at the 7 8 9 10 )cuz he’s big remember)spot…..your bow maybe at the 12, 1 spot…..and your Merry Christmas sign at the 3 or 4 o’clock spot……you have formed a triangle.. she works alot with triangle placement…..this makes it pleasing to the eye………now the wreath will tell you where you need to fill in with floral or your package ornaments ( in the blank spots)… you can use a glue gun….wire….or a combination….and she thinks that’s best for a long lasting wreath…..storing up in the attic make glue become loose…. !

If you have any desire what so ever you can be taught to create….just for so many years the designers wanted to make it all a big secret and make it appear really hard to do….but it’s not…surround yourself with sharing women…..and no telling what kind of artists you will see that you are…..fear stops us…..stop fear…..go make something pretty……and then brag about it!…… it’s okay!….then teach someone else!

Get the Show Me Decorating app for your iPhone or iPad and subscribe to the news you can use to learn all the inside designer and Christmas experts tips and techniques!

http://www.app.showmedecorating.com   just $2.99

Show Me Decorating Wreath over the mantel Christmas

Types of Christmas Wreaths

While there are many designs and styles of Christmas Wreaths, they mainly fall into two categories, the Decorative Christmas Wreath and the Advent Wreath.

The Decorative Christmas Wreath is made simply for crafts and holiday decorations, similar in use to Christmas Lights. These have a different purpose than other types of wreaths. Wreaths give a house or office the “finishing touch” to the holiday decorations. Their symbolism and look just give the area the little extra Christmas feeling. Decorative Christmas Wreaths are usually made of evergreen leaves, holly, or other materials which symbolize life throughout tough winters.

The Advent Wreath

The Advent Wreath is a tradition that is a part of folklore from centuries ago. The Pre-Christian Germanic people during the cold December darkness of Eastern Europe, gathered wreaths and lighted fires as signs of hope in the coming spring and renewed light. The 16th century Catholics and Protestants used wreaths as symbols to celebrate their hope in Christ, the everlasting Light. From Germany, the use of the Advent Wreath spread to other parts of the world.

Traditionally, the Advent Wreath is made of four violet or rose candles in a circle of evergreens with a fifth candle in the middle. Each day at home, the candles are lighted before the evening meal, one candle for the first week, and then another each succeeding week until December 25th. The last candle is the middle candle of the wreath. The lighting of this candle takes place on Christmas Eve and represents the birth of Jesus Christ. read more http://www.holidaydecorations.com/Christmas-Wreath.html

Happy Decorating yall!

Kathy and Becky

Show Me Decorating

The Christmas Decorating Experts

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Just Say “Merry Christmas” in July!

Just say Merry Christmas in July?? It’s hot? Especially out here in dry West Texas.

Get The Podcast for this Post!

West Texas Sunrise Christmas

Do you know it’s less than 6 months til Christmas? Don’t panic, get the app,www.app.showmedecorating.com just $2.99

We simplify the decorating process. As mothers we have the abilities to run around in a frenzied panic or plan and prepare for a less stressful holiday! We have podcasts you can download (give us a review when you download in iTunes) and blogs with great ideas to help you out this Christmas and Holiday season.

This also the week we celebrate the 4th of July! Happy Birthday America, “thank you” to the men, women,and their families who have served, are serving or have given the ultimate sacrifice defending this great country! God bless America and God bless Texas!

Celebrate July 4th For All Those Who Served! Christmas

With that in mind, our forefathers fought and died for America, for religious and personal freedoms! We have the right to say Merry Christmas! In recent times there has been an assault on even saying Merry Christmas which is kinda crazy when you consider these facts.

Christmas by the Numbers

Christmas By The Numbers

Christmas Facts. (2012). The History Channel website. Retrieved 12:26, July 3, 2012, from http://www.history.com/interactives/christmas-facts.

We are excited about all of the possibilities the radio show has to offer, one of which is voicing our view about Christmas and the assault on celebrating Christmas and removing much of the symbolism as organizations and the government deems politically incorrect. With that said we do not have a political show, we are women entrepreneurs, the Christmas Decorating Experts with big hair and big smiles, not to be confused with big Texas women!

We invited our guest Dr. Jim Gerlach on the show to help us understand the history of Christmas and the traditions we celebrate. Over the next couple of weeks we will dig deeper into many of the decorations and symbols of Christmas. We will have lots of tips and how to ideas for you to use in your own home!

As the pastor at Oak View Baptist Church in Irving, Texas, Dr. Jim Gerlach relates that the ancient pagan customs, rituals and celebrations were adopted by Christains into our celebration of Christ’s birth and Christmas. He explained how his church participates in the “Hanging of the greens” and decorating the church along with teaching about Advent and decorating the Christmas Trees with Chismons. It is a time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. We discovered biblical and spiritual meanings of the wreath, and eternal circle depicting God’s love for us. The colors used at Christmas Red for the blood of Jesus that was shed and green for new life through Jesus. To learn about the Hanging of the Green, click on the link below


Jim shared in his family, traditions and customs that they celebrated as kids with a mission offering on the tree. The offering helped them focus on giving rather than receiving and it is a  tradition he and his wife Tashia carry on with their kids Matthew and Annalise.

These are some of the traditions and decorations we will explore in the upcoming shows:  

Holly Wreath-Read Isaiah 7:14 and 9:6

As Isaiah prophesied the birth of Christ, the holly wreath, which originated in Germany, was said originally to have prophesied why Christ came to earth. In Germany the holly wreath is widely called the “Christ-thorn” because of the prickly points on its leaves, and has come to represent the crown of thorns Christ wore to the cross.

Angels-Read Luke 1:26-28 and 2:8-11

Angels played a part in that first Christmas and have been used for generations to top Christmas trees and decorate our homes during this holy season.

Creche-Read Luke 2:7

Each year at Christmas millions of mantles and tables are adorned with beautiful nativity scenes.

Gift Giving-Read Matthew 2:1-2 9-11

Traditional reasons why we give gifts at Christmas abound. Some revolve around the various legends of Santa Claus & St. Nicholas. To Christians, giving gifts symbolizes the ultimate gift of all, the giving of eternal life through His Son by God the Father.  The gifts the Wise Men gave Christ child indicate they knew the significance of His presence on earth.

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree originated in old German paradise plays and was introduced into this country by German settlers in the eighteenth century. Its original German meaning was completely spiritual. It represented the tree of paradise, and was hung with apples and ringed with candles to represent the Garden of Eden.

Stars – 

     Atop the tree represents the star that guided the Wise Men to Bethlehem. The lights on the tree originated with the lighted tree of paradise.

Finally, like the holly, the evergreen Christmas tree symbolizes the everlasting life Christ provided at the cross.

It is our hope at Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store and Show Me Decorating that as you decorate your home for the holidays this year, the season will have greater meaning to you and your family!

We are asking our listeners and Facebook friends to send in their family traditions and ways they celebrate Christ birth.  They include the true meaning of Christmas. We will pick traditions to share on the radio and send you a free Miss Cayce’s shopping bag and surprise!

Let us know what’s up!




Happy Decorating Y’all,

Kathy and Becky

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